Originally aired on WXMI-TV – November 1, 2018

FRUITPORT, Mich. — A 10-year-old in West Michigan was bullied to the point her parents decided to take her out of school, but now she’s overcoming those challenges and inspiring others.

Once taunted for it, 10-year-old Megann Dexter’s “look” is now grabbing attention from some big names in the fashion industry. However, she didn’t always gain that positive attention.

“It was quite disturbing,” says Michelle Finch of how her daughter was treated while in public school.

Megann says she remembers how hard going to school was.

“I cried a lot because of how bullied I was,” she says.

Her mom says they even switched schools, hoping it would fix the problem. But it didn’t, and an encounter with a high schooler was the last straw.

“I literally watched a high schooler push her out of the way onto the ground so that he could get on the bus. Kids don’t need that,” says Michelle Finch.

Now, Megann goes to school online at Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan, giving her the time and confidence to try out something she always wanted to do: modeling.

“I put her picture out on kid casting network and all of a sudden I just started getting a whole bunch of responses,” says Finch.

“I didn’t quite know until after my mom signed up but I was really excited,” says Megann.

The 10-year-old received immediate attention; signing with a talent agency, shooting photo shoots all over the US, and ,recently, getting recruited to walk at New York Fashion Week.

“Going from crying at school and being picked on and harassed and belittled to feeling like she’s on top of the world,” says her mom.

Megann says she hopes other kids who are bullied will believe that success is possible for them too. And as for her bullies she has this to say.

“Stop bullying. Bullying ain’t nice and you could actually hurt someone’s feelings,” says Megann.

New York Fashion Week kicks off in December, and in the meantime, Megann is getting ready for some commercial auditions, so don’t be surprised if you see her on your TV again soon. To check out some of her photos stop by her modeling Instagram: megann_michellea.

To learn more about Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan, visit https://hvam.k12.com/.

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