Anti-bullying resources needed during shutdown

Originally published in the Pharos Tribune – June 26, 2020

Kids can be cruel.

I know this firsthand because I was bullied by my classmates at my brick-and-mortar school for being bisexual. In a space where I should feel safe, I was targeted for being me. That’s why we need to put an end to bullying and create a safe school environment for all.

I eventually transferred schools and now attend the online Insight School of Indiana. Here I not only have a bully-free learning environment, but also resources that support me. I joined the schools LGBTQIA+ club and found a place where I can truly be myself.

In the club we discuss our preferred pronouns and genders in an inclusive environment. We also explore LGBTQIA+ history and do activities to learn how society has changed. The club encourages students to embrace who they are and not be afraid to show it. It’s amazing to have this space to talk so freely.

With June being Pride Month, I urge all schools to provide resources for LGBTQIA+ students to feel safe and comfortable. Not all students have a supportive home where this can be discussed and explored. We must keep school a safe place for all.

Heaven Epps, Winamac

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