As Olympics End, Dream Begins for Johns Creek Teen

Originally aired on WGCL TV – February 26, 2018

As the Winter Olympics in South Korea comes to an end, a Johns Creek teen is dreaming about the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020 by quickly establishing himself as one of the top swimmers for his age group.

His story is rather unique as he’s a full-time online student.

Preston Browne, 14, is a student at Georgia Cyber Academy since he was in the second grade. He says his day-to-day routine isn’t much different from every other kid his age.

“They go to a normal school. They get on a bus. I do the same thing. I just have to log on. I can still raise my hand, virtually and they’ll still help me,” says Browne.

Preston isn’t just making a splash in the classroom. He’s also making waves in the pool. He’s hoping to ride his dreams right into the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

“That’s every swimmer’s dream to go to the Olympics,” continued Preston. “I started swimming to get exercise because you don’t have Physical Education (in online classes).

His family agrees. Preston’s unique schooling has helped him swim laps around his competition. Instead of recess, there’s just pool time.

Preston says he eventually wants to attend a regular high school, in part so he can begin taking college courses at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech is where many of Preston’s meets are held.

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