Ayden Kenny fights autism with story of hope

Originally aired on WFFT-TV – December 27, 2019

Ayden Kenny knows what it’s like to be seen and not heard.

The fifteeen-year old Insight School of Indiana (ISIN) student lives with autism and remembers his unsuccesful attempts to make friends in elementary school.

Kenny has experienced isolation, taunting, and unnecessary reprimand when he was just trying to play with his classmates.
However, after confirming Kenny’s diagnosis at age three, his parents, Denise and Aaron Kenny, took action to ramp up his development, both mobile and social.

Mrs. Kenny says, “I didn’t take it with sadness” when referring to her son’s diagnosis.

After numerous sessions of occupational therapy, homeschooling, and adhering to an interactive and socially engaging schedule, Ayden is deemed “high functioning” in regard to his conditions.

He now washes dishes, collects CDs, watches his little brothers, and even competes with his dad on Mario Kart.

He documented his life with autism in the self-writtten, “Autism and Me,” a blunt yet deeply thoughtful account of Kenny’s everyday feelings so people, especially those on the playground who turned their hearts away, could finally hear him.

“Autism and Me” is currently undergoing the process of publication. 

To learn more about Insight School of Indiana, visit https://in.insightschools.net/

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