Bullied Nine-Year-Old Learns Karate to Boost Confidence

Originally aired on WBMA-TV – October 14, 2019

Nine-year-old Dianna Sipper was getting bullied at school.

Her mom says that the little girl came home one day and tried to wash off her freckles.

So, she signed her up at Alabama Virtual Academy, and enrolled her in karate classes to help boost her confidence. Now, she’s a world class competitor.

“To watch her just be so sure of herself instead of hiding behind me,” her mother Vickie Sipper said.

“It’s fun to do and you can meet new people when you go places,” Dianna said.

The Sipper’s are now working to spread the message that bullying isn’t cool and that you should speak out and stand up for each other.

Dianna is now a black belt and will be competing for Team USA in the World Martial Arts games in England.

To learn more about Alabama Virtual Academy, visit https://alva.k12.com/

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