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There’s More Than Two Paths to Success. Our K-12 System Should Reflect That.

Originally published in Townhall – October 12, 2019 New York City made waves in the education world when a group of experts selected by its mayor proposed eliminating gifted and talented programs. No matter what you think of this move, there’s no denying the issue it aims to address: our current education system reinforces inequality rather than […]

Finding academic success outside the classroom

Originally aired on KIDK-TV – October 15, 2019 Learning is something everyone does differently. Some learn best in a classroom, while others are distracted by their surroundings.  Now there is a way for students who don’t enjoy the traditional school-based experience to continue their education in Idaho.  The Idaho Technical Career Academy offers students in grades 9-12 […]

Skills gap hurting Indiana businesses

Originally published in the Tribune Star – October 5, 2019 Indiana runs on the power of manufacturing and, with thousands of jobs in that field unfilled, many are left wondering if the remaining companies now scrambling will move, taking their business, and Indiana’s economy, with them. “Manufacturing is 30% of our gross domestic product in […]

Build and Boost: Your Career Path – Early and Often

Having a Plan + Parents Expect More Originally published in Next Step Universe – October 3, 2019 “College now is a means to an end,” says Shaun McAlmont, President of Career Readiness for the company K12 who helped author a recent report (https://bit.ly/2Z48Fb6) on the issue. “When a student goes to college – especially if […]

Ivy Tech Community College leverages Tallo to link students and employers

Originally published in Online Market Places – September 27, 2019 As of today, there’s an app out there for almost anything you can think of – and finding manufacturing work is no different. Students at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana will now be able to use the services of Tallo, an online platform, to connect them to employers, […]

Ivy Tech launches online platform to promote advanced manufacturing careers

Originally published in the Indiana Economic Digest – September 27, 2019 Ivy Tech Community College has partnered with the tech startup Tallo to make its students aware of career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. Ivy Tech, which has campuses in East Chicago, Gary, Crown Point, Valparaiso and Michigan City, is offering the Tallo online platform to students so […]

Letter: Importance of career readiness programs

Originally published in the Montgomery Advertiser – September 26, 2019 The traditional methods we’ve used to prepare our students for the job market simply aren’t good enough anymore. And they know it. In a recent survey, 74% of young people said they “felt their schools failed to fully prepare them for the professional world.” Thankfully, […]

Career readiness

Originally published in The Hendersonville Times-News – September 23, 2019 Right now, thousands of students across South Carolina are settling into college and campus life. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know what to major in because they don’t know what they’re passionate about. I think there’s a way to help our students succeed in college […]

2 in 3 parents support paying more taxes to reduce student debt

Originally published in Study International – September 24, 2019 Recent joint polls conducted by K12 Inc. and Tallo found that 59 percent of parents are willing to pay higher taxes to fund federal student loan forgiveness programmes, and 63 percent support higher taxes for tuition-free college.  The side-by-side surveys assessed student and parent perceptions of […]

We Can Restore Parents’ and Students’ Faith in Our Education System. Here’s How.

Originally published in the Townhall – September 24, 2019 We asked, they answered: In two back-to-school polls, a mere 5% of students and 13% of parents said they strongly agreed that schools are teaching “useful skills that will help them in the real world.” The majority of both groups also said schools aren’t doing enough to prepare students […]