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The Keys to Recruiting Gen Z Employees

Originally published in Fender Bender Magazine – February 4, 2020 ​Tallo, an online platform that connects students with companies and colleges, conducted a survey with Generation Z (people born after 1996), to help determine what they are looking for in an employer. Here are some of the highlights of the survey:  99% of respondents said it […]

Here’s how to enable Black Girl Magic at work

Originally published in Fortune – February 3, 2020 Happy Black History Month, everyone. We’re kicking off our coverage with some #BlackGirlMagic, courtesy of this opinion piece from Leilani M. Brown, senior vice president of Strategic Partnerships and External Engagement for K12, Inc. More coverage, including some spectacular Super Bowl #LatinaMagic below. *** Five years ago, […]

Infographic: The Skills Gap is Slashing American Businesses’ Bottom Lines

February 4, 2020 K12 Inc.’s Destinations Career Academy has released a new survey of HR decision-makers revealing that the skills gap is causing American businesses to hemorrhage money in pursuit of the right talent – and that it will continue to impact their bottom lines. The new survey highlights what skills hiring managers and recruiters […]

Generation Z Consider Personal Fulfillment Important Term of Employment [Survey]

Originally published in The College Post – January 3, 2020 For companies, attracting members of Generation Z requires a mix of strategies to meet their terms. A new survey conducted by Tallo, an online platform that connects talented students with companies and colleges, found that most Gen Z students said it is important to have a job […]

Inspired by a teacher

Originally published in the Lewiston Tribune – December 29, 2019 Teachers play a significant role in shaping our lives, yet their efforts often go unrecognized. I think this needs to change. While attending high school at Idaho Virtual Academy, my homeroom teacher, Ms. Frost, helped me build my confidence in writing. Because of her, I’m […]

Destinations Career Academy of Oregon’s Timothy Jalkanen on KXL News

Originally aired on KXL News – December 30, 2019 Destination Career Academy of Oregon is “teaching students tools they need for a successful future.” Listen to Head of School Timothy Jalkanen explain how DCA’s career readiness programs help students start their dream jobs. To learn more about Destination Career Academy of Oregon, visit https://ordca.k12.com/ .

Gen Z likes social media, but they don’t want to hear from recruiters there

Originally published in HR Dive – December 13, 2019 Dive Brief: Members of Generation Z believe a personal social media presence is important to their professional brand — but they still don’t want to hear from recruiters through those channels, respondents to a Tallo survey said. The results, released Dec. 10, revealed that Gen Z (defined […]

Why we need to protect, expand online CTE

Originally published in Centre Daily Times – December 7, 2019 As a kid, you naturally have a lot of competing interests. With “the world as your oyster” it’s so easy to imagine yourself in multiple roles with limited exposure, experience or early progress swaying you more heavily in one direction. This is something I struggled […]