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Destinations Career Confidence Index

What Parents and Students Think About Life After School Released September 19, 2019. The voices of the adults and youth most affected by the structure of public education and related policies are often overlooked in many conversations about workforce development and education reform. The Destinations Career Confidence Index seeks to rectify that shortcoming. Starting in […]

Serena’s Story: How online school has changed her life

Originally aired on WJMN-TV – September 16, 2019 Serena Titsworth is your average teenager, the way she goes to school though is a little different than most high schoolers. She attends Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, an online school. She used to go to a brick and mortar school downstate until she was unable to […]

Guest opinion: Concurrent enrollment and career readiness can transform lives

Originally published in the Deseret News – September 7, 2019 It’s a great time to be a Utah job seeker. Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Utah has the eighth-lowest unemployment rate in the country, and between May 2018 and May 2019, it created the second-highest number of new jobs in the nation. […]

Brownsburg teen living with debilitating disease eyes college

Originally aired on WISH-TV – September 6, 2019 BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — A Brownsburg teen living with a debilitating disease is optimistic about a future he was never promised. In the past, people diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy — a condition that causes muscular problems — rarely lived beyond the age of 16. But 18-year-old Andrew […]

How Parents Think We Can Solve Student Debt

Originally aired on WUSA-TV – September 5, 2019 K12’s President of Career Readiness Education, Dr. Shaun McAlmont, went on WUSA9’s Great Day Washington to discuss the recent Morning Consult survey conducted by K12. Dr. McAlmont spoke about how students and parents can help solve the student debt crisis that affects nearly 45 million Americans. He […]

Virtual school offers students the opportunity to learn from home

Originally aired on Channel 7 News (WSAW-TV) – September 4, 2019 WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – The Wisconsin Virtual Academy and Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin are two options for students who need to break out of the traditional classroom setting. Students are able attend school from any place that has internet. The K-12 program is free […]

Career readiness is key to our prosperity

Originally published in The LNP – August 31, 2019 Collectively, Americans have racked up $1.6 trillion in student debt — and Pennsylvanians, on average, carry more than any other state. According to Peterson’s financial aid survey, 2017 graduates of a Pennsylvania postsecondary school have an average $36,193 in student loan debt, well above the national […]

Guest View: The Rise of the machines

Originally published in The Register-Guard – August 27, 2019 Beaver State workers must brace themselves for the coming storm – a robot storm, that is. Oxford Economics examined the impact widespread implementation of robots would have on state workforces. The report ranked states according to their vulnerability for economic disruption, and ours topped the list. […]