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Gen Z likes social media, but they don’t want to hear from recruiters there

Originally published in HR Dive – December 13, 2019 Dive Brief: Members of Generation Z believe a personal social media presence is important to their professional brand — but they still don’t want to hear from recruiters through those channels, respondents to a Tallo survey said. The results, released Dec. 10, revealed that Gen Z (defined […]

Why we need to protect, expand online CTE

Originally published in Centre Daily Times – December 7, 2019 As a kid, you naturally have a lot of competing interests. With “the world as your oyster” it’s so easy to imagine yourself in multiple roles with limited exposure, experience or early progress swaying you more heavily in one direction. This is something I struggled […]

Meghan Merideth: Before they hit the ‘Silicon Slopes,’ students need career prep

Originally posted in The Salt Lake City Tribune – December 2, 2109 Collectively dubbed “Silicon Slopes” for their high concentration of tech companies, Salt Lake City, Park City and Provo are increasingly drawing top talent from all across the country. This is great news for our students, who only stand to gain from their proximity […]

Ido Yerushalmi and Pat Acker: We need to take manufacturing out of the factory and into the classroom

Originally published in The Cap Times – November 14, 2019 Manufacturing jobs are high-tech jobs — and high-opportunity to boot. Even though the manufacturing industry employs the second-highest number of Wisconsinites — surpassed only by trade, transportation and utilities — popular sentiment skews in other directions. Ninety percent of Americans agree we need manufacturing for a strong economy, but […]

Shaun McAlmont on the Steve Gruber Show

Originally aired on Steve Gruber Show – November 08, 2019 Shaun McAlmont, President of Career Readiness of K12, shares the future of the education system. Dr. McAlmont says, “when you introduce more exciting teaching methods and put them [students] in groups like they will be in modern work places and add industry mentors, it engages […]

Coastal Daybreak: Shaun McAlmont

Originally aired on Coastal Break – November 11, 2019 President of Career Readiness at K12, Shaun McAlmont, joins Coastal Break to talk about the future of education. Shaun explains that K12 provides an alternative learning environments. Dr. McAlmont shares that education has not changed in years and now we have different demographic. It is time […]

Shaun McAlmont on the Brain Mudd Show: The National Report Card

Originally aired on The Brain Mudd Show – November 8, 2019 Doctor Shaun McAlmont, President of Career Readiness at K12, shares his input on career readiness and education. Dr. McAlmont explains that if we want to teach the younger generation, we must use newer techniques to engage them in their learning. This makes learning more […]

When Will I Ever Need This?

Originally published in Parentology – November 8, 2019 We’ve all been there at some point or another during our teenage years — sitting in a calculus class we’ve been assigned, wondering: “When will I ever need math?” Or biology, French, English Literature… fill in the blank. Yes, the age-old question persists — will we ever […]

Talent Forward 2019: The Future of Work. Its Starts Now

K12’s Leilani M. Brown, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, delivered closing remarks at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s 2019 Talent Forward event in Washington, DC on October 24. K-12 education has not changed much over the last several decades. It certainly hasn’t kept pace with the change of business. Yet we as a […]