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Letter: Protect school choice

Originally published in the Montgomery Advertiser – April 18, 2019  Making a transition to another school can be hard, especially when the school year has already begun. When my 9-year-old daughter Sophia was tested as a gifted student at her brick-and-mortar school, I figured because she was such a fast learner, she needed a new […]

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Local teenager goes above and beyond for a better education

Originally aired on KECY-TV – April 16, 2019  One local girl, 16-year-old Gabby Parris, is not letting her struggles get in the way of finishing her high school education. Growing up as a teenager can be demanding at times and teens are supposed to fulfill school requirements and also meet demands at home. Parris is […]

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Gilbert boy, 8, thrives with online school

Originally published by The Gilbert Sun News – April 14, 2019 Nicholas Pulczinski showed off his model of a human body for a science project that he crafted out of clay, straws and leftover pleather upholstery he used for its skin. The Gilbert boy flipped over the body he named “Bob” to reveal handmade organs, […]

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Literary, prose master Mahayla Palachuk

Originally published by The San Pedro Valley News-Sun – April 16, 2019 She spouts ideas and sequels and their subsequent continuations in rapid-fire succession — constantly. It’s no wonder then that Mahayla Palachuk, 13, of Benson, is about to become a published author. The upcoming book is the inaugural installment in a “Crimson Archer” series, […]

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Bates: Consider online school for your child on the spectrum

Originally published in The Casper Star-Tribune – April 14, 2019‘ Editor:  I’ll never forget the day that my daughter’s teacher told me she’d never be able to read or talk. Hearing this broke my heart because I knew ShaiLyn, my sweet daughter, wasn’t getting a fair chance. ShaiLyn is on the autism spectrum, and she […]


Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin Preparing Students for Trade Jobs

Originally aired on WISC-TV – April 15, 2019 With a shortage of individuals skilled in trade jobs, Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin is preparing students with the skills needed to tackle this industry. Recently, WIDCA hosted an Externship Day with International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 139. “Without prior knowledge you can’t step into a $500,000 […]


Letter: Online learning can benefit those with autism

Originally published in the Pine Journal – April 12, 2019  Living with autism, you sometimes feel misunderstood and neglected. This is how I felt while attending a school that wasn’t prepared to help me succeed. The resources, support and special education programs I needed just weren’t available. I knew I had to find an alternative […]


Families of students who faced bullying switching to online schools

Originally aired on KNXV-TV – April 10, 2019 It is a school choice that is growing in popularity for families in Arizona. In the last few years, tens of thousands of families have pulled their children out of traditional brick and mortar schools to send them to cyberspace. State Department of Education officials say more […]


Letter: How online learning helped students on autism spectrum achieve

Originally published in The Greenville News – April 6, 2019 As the parent of two boys on the autism spectrum, making sure they’re in a comfortable environment is one of my top priorities. When I found out that my son was being bullied by his peers in his brick-and-mortar school, I knew that something had […]