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Jessica Fortner AZVA

Bullying victim finds peace in online academy

Originally published in SanTan Sun News – February 19, 2019  A 14-year-old Chandler girl is blooming and enjoying life as a student at Arizona Virtual Academy after enduring years of bullying. Jessica Fortner, an eighth-grader at the online public school, enjoys taking classes online and in person at a blended learning center the academy offers at […]


4 ways to add up a love for math

Originally published by eSchool News – February 20, 2019 Math is about recognizing patterns and cultivating curiosity; here’s how Mathematicians aren’t born—they’re made. That’s why one of my favorite phrases is “I hate math.” Nearly every student shares this sentiment with me at some point during the school year, and when they do, I simply […]

Anthony Perez NCVA

Triad first grader takes online approach to education

Originally aired on WXII-TV – February 18, 2019 For 7-year-old Anthony Perez, class begins in his living room. He’s a student at North Carolina Virtual Academy, an online public charter school that’s in turn keeping Anthony safe. The first-grader has cystic fibrosis, a disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system. Even the common cold can […]

Taytum Stafford_TOPS1

The Colony resident eyes future in dancing, acting

Originally published in The Colony Courier-Leader – February 17, 2019 Taytum Stafford keeps busy. Between her dancing, acting and print modeling – she has appeared in Belk Department store ads, she has little time for much else. With help from an online school, the 11-year-old from The Colony has been able to keep education at […]

MVCA Planetarium A

Intergalactic Get Together for MVCA Students

Originally aired on WLNS-TV – February 14, 2019 Abrams Planetarium was invaded tonight by online public school students wanting an educational experience they couldn’t get at home. The Michigan Virtual Charter Academy students filled up the planetarium’s entire seating. The event – called the “Intergalactic Get-Together” – provided those students with an astronomical lesson in a unique […]

Kiera Pritchett_CODCA1

5 questions for Kiera Pritchett, online-school student in Centennial

Originally published on Centennial Citizen – February 11, 2019 A car wreck can be a terrifying experience, but for Kiera Pritchett, it was just another time her education applied to the real world. “I was on my way to work, I was riding the bus, and the car wreck happened, a couple cars in front of us,” […]

Taylor Briemhorst_MNVA

From sickness to success: Girl thrives in virtual school

Originally aired on KARE-TV – February 8, 2019 For Minnesota Virtual Academy student Taylor Briemhorst, undergoing high-risk brain surgery at the age of 6, didn’t stop her from being an inspiration to others. Online learning is letting her continue her education. To learn more about Minnesota Virtual Academy, visit https://mnva.k12.com/


Letter: Support school choice

Originally published in The Record-Courier – February 10, 2019 I believe that every child deserves the right to learn in a safe environment. When my son Christopher was a victim of bullying, I decided to remove him from brick-and-mortar school. Fortunately, I found Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) and we haven’t looked back since. At the […]

Hayden Harris-ISAZ

Local teen athlete overcomes academic challenges through online school

Originally published in The Daily Courier – February 2, 2019 Sometimes  it  takes  climbing  over  an  obstacle  before  one  is  able  to  see  the  path  to  go  forward. That  is  the  case  with  16 year old  Hayden  Harris,  an  elite  Arizona  softball  player  who  through athletics  found  a  confidence  that  has  enabled  her  to  be  […]