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Wren Warne-Jacobson

15-year-old figure skater has Olympic dreams

Originally aired on KARE-TV – April 18, 2018 Behind every spin and every jump, there’s a certain kind of passion that separates Wren Warne-Jacobson from just about everyone else. “She just kind of feels the music,” director of the St. Paul figure skating club Ann Eidson said. “I say, ‘skate from the music within your […]

Kaleb Davis_WXYZ

Online academy helps boy who has autism thrive in his education

Originally aired on WXYZ-TV – April 16, 2018 For kids struggling with Autism, school can be a huge hurdle, for both them and their parents. Managing their daily routine in the classroom can be a real challenge for the one and 68 kids who are autistic. “Kaleb was going to preschool, they pulled me aside and […]

prom edited

Virtual School Students Meet for Prom

Originally aired on KMBC-TV – April 14, 2018 Students from Insight School of Kansas (ISKS) recently had the opportunity to attend their high school prom. “It makes online school more like a place where I have friends and people that I know,” said junior Keta Ewing. To learn more about Insight School of Kansas, visit http://ks.insightschools.net/.

Nathaneil Hernandez

Online Program Helping Child With Autism Excel in School

Originally published in KIMA-TV – April 13, 2018 Nathaniel Hernandez is like most first graders. He would rather play video games than do homework. But he’s different than most seven-year-olds because he has autism and ADHD. Nathaniel went to kindergarten at Wide Hollow in West Valley, but the classroom had too much going on for […]


Explore Online Learning For Kids On The Spectrum

Originally published in San Antonio Express-News – April 13, 2018 April is Autism Awareness Month. My son Nicholas was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a subtype on the autism spectrum. I was disheartened watching him struggle in school: Whenever he got frustrated, he would leave the classroom and come back later into the lesson. […]


WVEC-TV: Norfolk Teen Balances Science with Music

Originally aired on WCEV-TV 13 News Now – April 11, 2018 17-year-old McKenna Goss has a bright future ahead. She can play six different instruments including the guitar, piano, ukulele, flute and violin. She’s also interested in botany, hopes to complete a marathon before she turns 18, and has plans to hike part of the […]

WXIX screen shot

WXIX-TV: Ohio Virtual Academy’s Paralympic Hopeful

Originally aired on WXIX-TV – April 10, 2018 Fox 19 Now in Cincinnati was live in studio with Ohio Virtual Academy student and Paralympic martial artist Austin Osner, and principal Amy Helm-Borchers. Austin and Amy share how online school works, and how it helps 12-year-old Austin make time to train for the 2024 Paralympic Games! […]

Nick London edited

Making Waves (and the Grades) the WAVA Way

Originally published in Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune – March 29, 2018 Nick London is enjoying attending sixth-grade online with Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA) K-12. “I like how you can work at your own pace,” said London. “On a busy day I’m done by 1:30. On a non-busy day I’m done by noon because I am working at […]


WCPO-TV: Fairfield Boy Training for 2024 Paralympic Games

Originally aired on WCPO-TV – April 3, 2018 Taekwondo is just the medicine Austin Osner needs. The 12-year-old Fairfield boy is training for the 2024 Paralympic Games. Austin was born with amniotic band syndrome, which prevented his arm from growing. “Ever since then, I lived one-hand dominant, and I have never known any other way,” […]