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Letter: Online school is a valuable alternative

Originally published in the Post Register – September 20, 2020 Students shouldn’t feel held back by their school. Every student has unique needs that aren’t always met by a one-size-fits-all environment. And this is true for many students across Idaho. As a student, I remember the feeling of independence and complete control I had over […]

Letter to the editor: Online schools are a good COVID alternative

Originally published by Portland Press Herald – September 13, 2020 No one should have to choose between their education and health. As a young woman with heart problems and two autoimmune diseases, navigating high school was a challenge. Because I was frequently in the hospital, my grades began to drop. When my brick-and-mortar school said […]

Teach From Home on a Budget

Originally published by Staples Worklife – August 31, 2020 In a perfect world, the transition to remote teaching would also mean new equipment for educators — multiple monitors for easier computer use, a standing desk for better ergonomics, a laptop stand for optimal camera position to lead virtual classes. But with razor-thin budgets and financial […]

Letter: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Originally published in The Arizona Daily Star – August 28, 2020 I want to reassure families online school is a solution that works. Not long ago, I was searching for an option that allowed more freedom in where and when I could do my school. My extracurricular activities schedule became increasingly difficult to manage while […]

Klamath Falls children help make thousands of masks for the community

Originally published by CBS Medford – August 26, 2020 A Klamath Falls family used their upholstery business to help make over 5,000 masks for community members during the coronavirus pandemic. The Burnette family was set to open the business just before Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s stay at home order went into effect in March. “Our business was […]

Virtual academy aids in career goals

Originally published by Grand Blanc View – August 27, 2020 It seems like we’re all pushed to go to college after graduating. Sometimes it’s even set up as if that’s the only path to success. But this didn’t seem right for me. Yet, I’ve still found success thanks to the foundation I received from my […]

3 ways to build online class culture

Originally published by Education Dive – August 19, 2020 Andrea Teske teaches English and creative writing at Insight School of Washington. In 2015, she was selected Teacher of the Year at her school by the administration, staff and students. Even if school moves online in the fall, teachers and students don’t have to lose their connections […]

Father of virtual learner gives parents tips to motivate kids

Originally aired by WBRC – August 19, 2020 Dorthy Brooks is a 6th grade student at Alabama Virtual Academy, which is a fully-online public school. If she’s ever lacking motivation, Dorthy said she takes a quick brain-break by either walking her dog or practicing dance. Dorthy’s dad Conway said it’s important for parents to know […]

LETTER: Try online learning

Originally published in Westside Seattle – August 17, 2020 To the editor: I’m the type of student that goes after a challenge. School is something I take seriously, and I believe education should be an area where we push students to excel. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive that push and drive at my previous brick-and-mortar school. […]