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Freedom to learn

Originally published in the Idaho Press – February 9, 2020 I’m thankful for this opportunity to have a say in my education. In high school I wanted an option that would offer me a challenging course load, while also allowing time to spend with family. Fortunately, I found the perfect solution through online school at […]

Annual drive collects over 20,000 toys

Originally published in the Urbana Daily Citizen – January 14, 2020 Ever since that first year, their toy drive has snowballed into a regional effort that has at least doubled the amount of toys they collected each and every year. Last year’s 4th annual toy drive effort managed to collected a staggering 9,224 toys that […]

Student works to help those with mental health needs

Originally published in The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram – Dec 27, 2019 Mental health is a growing concern in Dunn County. Menomonie native and UW-Stout student Katie Jo Walker wants to be part of a solution to help those with mental health needs. The senior majoring in human development and family studies is looking to spread […]

Menomonie native, UW-Stout student promotes mental health awareness

Originally published in The Dunn County News – December 27, 2019 Mental health is a growing concern in Dunn County. Menomonie native and UW-Stout student Katie Jo Walker wants to be part of a solution to a increasing issue. The senior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies is looking to spread awareness of mental […]

Regional toy drive sets high goal for 2019

Originally published in the Urbana Daily Citizen – October 22, 2019 DeGRAFF – The bar has been raised this year by Tyler Slaven and his sister Monica. The local brother/sister duo started a toy drive while in high school five years ago and it has blossomed into a regional, if not national, success story. The […]

Thankful for CAVA

Originally published in Antelope Valley Press – October 11, 2019 Growing up I lived on the slopes. Skiing was my passion and all I ever wanted to do. Then in seventh grade I suffered a devastating fall and spent months recovering. Navigating the halls of my regular public school became nearly impossible with a broken […]

Former online student turns experience into career

Originally aired on KAET-TV – March 25, 2019 Arizona Virtual Academy alumni, Breana Curtis, turned to online learning to avoid pressures of bullying. Now a school counselor at AZVA, Breana is helping others thrive in the same environment she once did. For more information on Arizona Virtual Academy, visit https://azva.k12.com/

Closing the Gap

Originally published in the International Falls Journal – November 19, 2018 The Hall family have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. This year has been one of overcoming obstacles for Heather Hall, 20, who rose above an autism diagnosis to accomplish feats doctors were uncertain she ever would. At a young age, […]

Idaho Virtual Academy Helped Me

Originally posted in the Idaho Press Tribune– October 24, 2018 As the holiday season approaches, many students lose their drive to learn. I know because I’ve been there. But online school helped me foster a love for learning that’s carried me through elementary school and beyond. When I was a student at Idaho Virtual Academy, […]