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Career academy helped my son

Originally published in The Idaho Press-Tribune – November 2, 2018 With a constantly evolving job market, it’s crucial for schools to offer classes that prepare students for the demands of the future workplace. Thanks to the career readiness classes at my son TJ’s online high school, Idaho Technical Career Academy, I know that he’s learning […]

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Originally aired on WXMI-TV – November 1, 2018 FRUITPORT, Mich. — A 10-year-old in West Michigan was bullied to the point her parents decided to take her out of school, but now she’s overcoming those challenges and inspiring others. Once taunted for it, 10-year-old Megann Dexter’s “look” is now grabbing attention from some big names […]


16-year-old budding tennis star moves to Boca from West Coast, inspired by Serena

Originally aired on WPTV – November 1, 2018 One of the best young tennis players in the Pacific Northwest brought her talents to Boca Raton to the Evert Tennis Academy with hopes of one day turning professional. It’s hard being 16, you’re really good at tennis, but your hometown doesn’t really cater to the sport […]

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Spokane Girl Moved to Virtual Classroom Due to Bullying

Originally aired on KHQ-TV – October 29, 2018 October is national “Bullying Prevention Month.” Something Kayleigh Lewis, is all too familiar with. Kayleigh says since kindergarten, she’s been struggling with bullies. “We knew she was different from the day she was born.” Sabrina Lewis, Kayleigh’s mom, said, “I felt powerless a lot of the time.” […]

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ALVA Student Regains Motivation in Online Classroom

Originally aired on WVTM-TV – October 30, 2018 Alabama Virtual Academy student Micah Baker is regaining his motivation in the online classroom. After being bullied for his rare bone disease in his brick-and-mortar school, Micah is now relieved that ALVA provides him with a bully-free zone. To learn more about Alabama Virtual Academy, visit https://alva.k12.com/

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A Bull Market

Originally published in The Kerrville Daily Times – October 23, 2018 Nikki Nix is following in her family’s footsteps. She is a third generation stock contractor – currently, she and her family have about 50 head of bulls and 20 head of cattle. “I was born into it,” Nix said. The family both buys and […]


Idaho Virtual Academy Helped Me

Originally posted in the Idaho Press Tribune– October 24, 2018 As the holiday season approaches, many students lose their drive to learn. I know because I’ve been there. But online school helped me foster a love for learning that’s carried me through elementary school and beyond. When I was a student at Idaho Virtual Academy, […]

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Letter to the Editor: Online School Ends Bullying

Originally published in News and Tribune – October 20, 2018 Since the age of 4, my son Elijah has loved acting and dancing. I never imagined, though, that this passion would make him a target for bullies. At his local school, Elijah was physically assaulted on three separate occasions simply because he’s a performer. When […]

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Letter to the Editor: Consider Virtual School for Bullied Kids

Originally published in The Daily Chronicle – October 18, 2018 Beginning in elementary school, my granddaughter — DawnRae — was a victim of bullying. The bullying continued into middle school where more than 100 of her classmates sent hateful messages daily on Facebook. When she attempted to leave, they added her back. She could no […]

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Online schooling helps teen with anxiety graduate

Originally aired on KVOA-TV – October 17, 2018 TUCSON- A recent high school graduate with anxiety took a non-traditional approach to graduate. Dani McCartney is 19-years-old and now a full time student at Pima Community College, but her education path hasn’t been so easy. “I started high school at a traditional high school and I went […]