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Dancing Machine

Originally aired on WTTG-TV – November 8, 2019 Virginia Virtual Academy student Joanna Surface is a dancing machine! The 8-year-old is making a name for herself by competing across the country. With online learning at VAVA, she’s perfecting her dance moves and keeping up with her classes. She went on Good Day DC to show […]

Charter School Food Pantry

Originally aired on KTSU-TV – November 5, 2019 Volunteers, staff, and students at Utah Virtual Academy are giving back this season. They did so by preparing a food pantry for UTVA families in need. With an overwhelming amount of donations and support from students and the community, UTVA’s Student Services Administrator, Luann Charles said “It’s […]

Volusia County girl gives back to community after being bullied

Originally aired on WKMG-TV – October 29, 2019 An 11-year-old Volusia County girl is sending a message of hope and kindness after she experienced bullying because of her health issues. “I’d be crying a lot of the time, almost every morning,” Paige Proeger said. She’s felt extreme stomach pain for years. “A couple of times […]

10-year-old world champion dancer overcomes bullying

Originally aired on WIAT-TV – October 31, 2019 World champion dancer Dorthy Brooks said dancing is what keeps her going, especially after experiencing bullying at school. Dorthy, 10, has her own ballroom at her house, a place she says she can dance like no one is watching. “Just being yourself and dancing by yourself without […]

Utahns embrace alternatives to traditional schooling

Originally aired on KTVX-TV – October 29, 2019 Thousands of Utah students are homeschooled, and parents are deciding to have their children learn at home for many different reasons. Karen Latham said she often hears the same misconceptions from people when she tells them that she homeschools her kids. The first is, “You’re a saint; […]

Parent recommends Virtual Academy

Originally published in the Suffolk News-Herald – October 24, 2019 To the editor: After my daughter Jaimiaya came home from school crying multiple times in second grade, I knew something had to change. Bullies targeted her because of how her skin looked after she suffered a burn injury. It was a terrible experience for her, […]

Regional toy drive sets high goal for 2019

Originally published in the Urbana Daily Citizen – October 22, 2019 DeGRAFF – The bar has been raised this year by Tyler Slaven and his sister Monica. The local brother/sister duo started a toy drive while in high school five years ago and it has blossomed into a regional, if not national, success story. The […]

Virtual Students Count

Originally published in The Winchester News Gazette – October 22, 2019 Indiana is a Count Day state. For the virtual students at Indiana Digital, that day was also about how much they count.  Virtual students face unique challenges in their lives that can be hard on a student’s self-confidence. I wanted them to know their […]

Letter: Don’t Let Bullying Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

Originally published in the Columbia Basin Herald – October 23, 2019 In my previous school, bullies were a distraction that prevented me from focusing on my classes. My mother was tired of the school refusing to intervene and found a new alternative for me with online school at Washington Virtual Academy. Thankfully, this new learning […]