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From sickness to success: Girl thrives in virtual school

Originally aired on KARE-TV – February 8, 2019 For Minnesota Virtual Academy student Taylor Briemhorst, undergoing high-risk brain surgery at the age of 6, didn’t stop her from being an inspiration to others. Online learning is letting her continue her education. To learn more about Minnesota Virtual Academy, visit https://mnva.k12.com/

Teen musical prodigy going on tour – empowered by her education

Originally aired on WSFA-TV – June 16, 2019 Some would call Wetumpka native Madeline Mae a musical prodigy. Mae started playing the guitar at the age of ten. “My father taught me three cords and then from there on I just sort of learned it through the internet, actually,” Mae said. Within months, she was […]

Learning was difficult for this student, then his mother enrolled him in K12

  Originally aired on KSAZ-TV – March 3, 2019 When her son faced hurdles at school, an Arizona mom took matters into her own hands moving him from a brick-and-mortar environment to a virtual one. Today her 9-year-old is thriving despite the daily challenges he faces. At 10:00 a.m. Henry takes math, then there’s spelling. His mom […]

K12 teen overcomes illness through eSports

  Originally aired on KBOI-TV – June 3, 2019 CALDWELL, Idaho (CBS2) — eSports is known to be very popular for online gamer’s. But for those like Aria Strasser of Caldwell, who can’t do outside sports due to her illness. It’s an outlet to satisfy her competitive spirit. “It’s nice to have a sport that I […]

Online School Proves To Be Sweet Combination For Students

  Originally aired on KCNC-TV – July 3, 2019 An online high school student preparing for his senior year says the flexibility of his schedule not only makes him a better student, but helps his family-owned business by giving him more work experience before he graduates. “I’ve been super successful,” said Raul Molina, 17. “Nowadays […]

Weber: Online education made all the difference

Originally published in The Casper Star Tribune – July 5, 2019 Editor: I didn’t feel accepted by my peers at the brick-and-mortar schools I attended. The loneliness I felt only got worse when my teacher called me out in front of the class for not understanding the lesson, which completely stressed me out. I started […]

From abuse and addiction to full-ride scholarship

At 16 years old, Makayla Jenks is headed to Michigan State University in the fall on a full-ride Spartan Advantage scholarship. When she was 7 years old, she faced the kind of challenges that many would assume would keep her from succeeding. “People thought that when I was younger and I told myself I would […]

3 years after brain injury, K12 student graduates high school

  Originally aired on WJBF-TV – June 26, 2018 Ask Aiken County teen Hallie Anderson about her favorite horse, Pippen, and a smile radiates from her face when she thinks about the french warm blood. When thinking about the horse, Hallie says, it brings her pure joy. “When I ride it’s like a whole new […]

Homeless to valedictorian: one K12 student’s story of triumph

Originally published in MLive – June 20, 2019 Like many homeless families, Blake McClellan’s spent time living with a relative, then at a motel, while hoping space would free up in a family shelter. Like other homeless students, he struggled with his school work under the stress and had a stretch of failing grades. But […]