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Hoosier Helpings Holiday Program

Originally aired on WXIN-TV – December 18, 2019 A local charter school is bringing their year-round giving spirit to those in need this holiday season. Hoosier Academies runs a food pantry called “Hoosier Helpings” and it is expanding that into the “Hoosier Helpings Holiday Program.” That means 97 children will be getting food, toiletries, clothes […]

Prepared for success

Originally published in the Idaho Press Tribune – December 19, 2019 I was worried that a brick-and-mortar school wouldn’t have all the resources I needed to succeed. That’s why I made the decision to choose a different route for my education and attend school online. Because of this choice, I was able to get experiences […]

Online schools sometimes best option

Originally published in The Free Press – December 11, 2019 Students need encouragement from their teachers to succeed. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for my son Eric at his brick-and-mortar school. Eric has intellectual disabilities and the teachers said that they weren’t prepared to accommodate him. They ignored him and didn’t challenge or encourage him […]

Teacher finds anonymity promotes honesty in online classrooms

Originally aired on WOOD-TV – December 17, 2019 Stacey Harrison lives in Rockford and taught in a traditional, brick-and-mortar classroom in middle and high schools for more than ten years. Now, she works from home in a virtual classroom. She is a teacher for Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan with more than 200 students across […]

Letter: Arizona’s priorities

Originally published in the Mohave Valley Daily News – December 10, 2019 The results of the Arizona State University Morrison Institute for Public Policy poll revealed public education is No. 3 concern for Arizonans behind health insurance and water quality. As an educator, I’m pleased to see our communities agree that this should be a […]

3 Ways to Help Bullying Survivors Succeed in the Classroom

Originally published in Education World – December 11, 2019 The rate of bullying in American classrooms is alarmingly high and our students are increasingly at risk of being bullied—both in person and online. According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, more than 1 out of 5 students are reported victims of bullying. But for many students […]

Why we need to protect, expand online CTE

Originally published in Centre Daily Times – December 7, 2019 As a kid, you naturally have a lot of competing interests. With “the world as your oyster” it’s so easy to imagine yourself in multiple roles with limited exposure, experience or early progress swaying you more heavily in one direction. This is something I struggled […]

Outdoors: Young biologist sees future helping endangered species

Originally published in The Toledo Blade – December 9, 2019 As the second-graders at St. Joseph School in Maumee rattled off what they wanted to be when they were adults, the list had to include those perennial favorites — a fireman, an astronaut, a police officer, a pro athlete, a cowboy or even SpongeBob’s sidekick. But […]