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Michigan Great Lake Virtual Academy Seniors Graduate in Virtual Ceremony

Originally aired on WXMI-TV– May 28, 2020 Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy valedictorian Fawn Mursake shares that school online put her ahead of the learning curve during the pandemic. With her experience, she was able to stay on top of school work and graduate at the top of her class. Learn more from WXMI-TV. To […]

Online learning helps local girl recover from accident

Originally published by WEAU – May 27, 2020 Last August, the Larson family was having a typical day. “We were out on the Chippewa Flowage and my brother was with us and we had two boats out.” says Sarah Larson. And then things took a turn for the worst. “We ended up hitting something under […]

Shawna Stueck: Three ways to keep kids mentally healthy during the pandemic

Originally published by The Cap Times – May 26, 2020 Dear Editor: May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to remind all of us how important it is to protect our children’s mental health. Here are three ways we can keep kids mentally healthy during the pandemic, and all year long. 1. Provide Consistency […]

Letter: Let families find the right schools

Originally published by The Salt Lake Tribune– May 25, 2020 Because of his high levels of anxiety, my son Samuel struggled with his learning at our local brick-and-mortar school. That’s why I decided to find a school option that works for him. Fortunately, that was found with an online school. I enrolled Sam at Utah […]

A tween’s sweet success as a bakery owner

Originally aired on KHOU-TV – May 18, 2020 At just 12-years-old, Texas Online Preparatory School student Arianna Bustillo is running her own bakery, Sweet Little Cookie. Thanks to online learning, she’s able to complete assignments and manage her successful baking business. To learn more about Texas Online Preparatory School visit, https://tops.k12.com/

Tennessee Virtual Academy teacher praised

Originally published in The Knoxville News Sentinel – May 13, 2020 Marianne Vickers is amazing. Vickers is a special education teacher at Tennessee Virtual Academy who goes above and beyond the call of teaching with our special students. She works with each one of these students until they understand the lessons. We have watched our […]

Shout Out to Ya’ Teach

Originally published in The Austin Chronicles– May 4, 2020 Dear Editor, This Teacher Appreciation Week, our family would like to recognize two of our daughter Emma’s teachers, Ms. Fair and Ms. Williams. In her old school, Emma used to struggle to stay focused and excel in her classes, as she’s dyslexic. Now, at Texas Virtual […]

Letter to the Editor: Thank you teachers

Originally published by Osceola News Gazette – May 12, 2020 To the Editor, My name’s Gabriella, and I’m a rising ninth-grader at Florida Cyber Charter Academy (FLCCA). It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and I wanted to thank my teachers for making a huge difference in my life. Before I transferred to FLCCA, I wasn’t challenged, and […]

JESSICA SMITH: Appreciative of virtual school teacher

Originally published on Manistee News Advocate– May 2, 2020 TO THE EDITOR: In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Mrs. Seavolt is our son’s sixth grade teacher at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy (MGLVA). Hunter was not a child who was terribly enthusiastic about learning. When he met Mrs. Seavolt, something “clicked” for him. She made […]

Letter: In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Originally published by the Arizona Daily Star – May 16, 2020 As parents of a kindergartener and a second grader, we’re thankful for great teachers, and wanted to extend our gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our daughter, Tara-Sue, is a kindergartener who loves learning and exploring the world around her. We wanted her to be […]