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Back to school in NC: Exploring 3 options for remote learning this school year

North Carolina is already tracking five COVID-19 outbreaks in school settings: Four in child care centers and one in a high school outside of Charlotte. When schools announce their plans to reopen the classrooms, will parents feel comfortable sending their children? While most children aren’t likely to suffer serious side effects from the coronavirus, there […]

Students need an accessible outlet

Originally published by The Colorado Springs Gazette– June 29, 2020 The role of a school counselor is important, perhaps now more than ever. With everything going on in the world today, young people need someone they can trust as they navigate times of personal and social transition. The school counselor can be that person. We […]

Inclusive arts environment needed

Originally published by The Suffolk News Herald – June 26, 2020 To the editor: Having an open and inclusive environment for students is especially important given the state of our world. As an art teacher, I strive to create opportunities for my diverse group of students to interact with others and explore the exciting world […]

Virginia Virtual Academy allows career-exploration experiences

Originally published on The Suffolk News Herald – June 26, 2020 To the editor: High school students shouldn’t have to wait until after graduation to get real-world experience. Fortunately, my online school allowed me to hold multiple jobs in high school and discover the career field I want to pursue. At Virginia Virtual Academy, I […]

Letter: Online school can help students succeed

Originally published by Deseret News – June 26, 2020 Parents always want what is best for our children. I believe that starts with their education. This is something that’s important to me. I want each of my children to have the chance to go to a school that works for them. As a single mother, […]

Anti-bullying resources needed during shutdown

Originally published in the Pharos Tribune – June 26, 2020 Kids can be cruel. I know this firsthand because I was bullied by my classmates at my brick-and-mortar school for being bisexual. In a space where I should feel safe, I was targeted for being me. That’s why we need to put an end to […]

OP ED: These Days We Should All Take Time to Share Our Superheroes’ Stories

Originally published in North Forty News – June 23, 2020 From where I stand: When we experience difficult situations in our lives, we realize who our superheroes are. For me, I didn’t need a pandemic to tell me who my superhero was. It’s my older sister, and her superpower is Mucolipidosis. With only 50 people […]

Letter: School makes its students comfortable in own skin

Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch – June 22, 2020 School should be an environment where everyone feels comfortable to be their true self. I believe a key to this is making sure that schools promote an inclusive environment. That’s why I’m glad that my school, Ohio Virtual Academy, has a Gay-Straight Alliance. As a […]

Blind and deaf Modesto teen is a national level bowling competitor

Originally published on KXTV – June 17 Despite being blind and deaf, 16 year old Jacob Gaddam has competed 4 years in a row at the National bowling tournament. This month, Jacob graduated from California Virtual Academy. To learn more about California Virtual Academy, visit https://cava.k12.com/