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Born with one arm, 14-year-old black belt shoots for 2024 Paralympics

Originally published in the Cincinnati Enquirer – September 19, 2019 In four years, Fairfield resident Austin Osner has gone from an anxious 10-year-old depressed over his disability and unsure of himself to an elite TaeKwonDo performer. Born with a left arm, but no hand nor forearm on his right side, he would tire of the stares, […]

Online learning program gives Virginia students different option for public school

Originally aired on WFXR-TV – September 19, 2019 (WFXR News) – Some Virginia parents are seeking an alternative program to traditional schools through an online public school. Virginia Virtual Academy offers students a chance to learn without leaving their house. Students from across the Commonwealth use the program for a variety of reasons, like medical needs […]

Letter: Online learning has been big boost for our child

Originally published in The Fayetteville Observer – September 20, 2019 As a military family, we move around quite often. Constant change makes it difficult for my son Connor to focus in school. Connor has ADHD but has also tested as “twice exceptional,” which means he has a high IQ. Despite having a specialized education plan […]

‘Farm kid’ from Pikeville wins U.S. Kids World Golf Championship

Originally aired on WRAL-TV – September 18, 2019 GOLDSBORO, N.C. — Pikeville native Ella Hannant is a self-described “farm kid.” The 10-year-old spends countless hours a day perfecting her game at Lane Tree Golf Club in Goldsboro. “Ella started hitting balls when she was about 2,” said Regan Hannant, Ella’s mom. “By the time she was […]

Tennessee Virtual Academy offers online classes to grades K-12

Originally aired on WZTV – September 17, 2019 In our schools, about 2,000 students across the state from kindergarten to 11th grade are studying online instead of the classroom through Tennessee Virtual Academy. “It’s such an accepting environment because there’s students from all over Tennessee so from the most rural parts to the middle of […]

Serena’s Story: How online school has changed her life

Originally aired on WJMN-TV – September 16, 2019 Serena Titsworth is your average teenager, the way she goes to school though is a little different than most high schoolers. She attends Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, an online school. She used to go to a brick and mortar school downstate until she was unable to […]

Local family sees great progress in autistic son’s learning after switching to online school

Originally aired on KAPP-TV – September 13, 2019 8-year-old Nathaniel Hernandez has been going to the Washington Virtual Academy since first grade. His caregivers said he’s been making great strides since he switched over from a traditional school.  YAKIMA, Wash. – Nathaniel Amezola-Hernandez has been going to the Washington Virtual Academy since first grade. His caregivers said he […]

Local student finds success through online schooling

Originally published in The Coolidge Examiner – September 11, 2019 When Tiffani Chavira decided to enroll her son into online school, it was because she had enough of him returning home in tears. “We have really lost confidence in brick and mortar (schools),” she said. The two primary reasons that propelled Chavira to consider online […]

Online classes help students with disabilities get access to education

Originally aired on KCRG-TV – September 10, 2019 CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – School districts throughout Iowa want to make sure every student has a chance to get an education. One suggestion for students who have disabilities is taking online classes. The Head of Schools with Iowa Virtual Academy, Steven Hoff, says many school districts throughout […]

Letter to the Editor: Virtual schools helped my sons

Originally published in The Clermont Sun – September 6, 2019 My teenage sons Finn and Gavin are both competing in national racing championships, which requires them to travel frequently. This wound up challenging their physical attendance in brick and mortar school causing them to fall behind in their studies. As the boys approached high school […]