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Youth Developing Youth: A Teen-Powered Nonprofit Molding Gen Z Volunteers

Originally published in Philanthropy Journal News – August 6, 2018 Your teenage years are such a transitional time. Even without the typical teenage drama, the fact is you’re stuck between wanting to be a kid, but also wanting to have the freedom of an adult. While we can’t change the realities that face our generation, […]

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Pine Bluff Online Student Receives Honor, Scholarship From West Point

Originally aired on KARK-TV – August 3, 2018 PINE BLUFF, Ark. – This week alone we’ve reported on three deadly shooting in Pine Bluff. So far this year, there have been 11 homicides in that city. In a community that’s seen a fair share of crime, especially among young people, there is one student that’s […]

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Local Youth Continuing in the Fast Lane

Originally published in Mount Vernon News – August 4, 2018 Jesse Cochran, a 13 year old from Mount Vernon, has two points titles under his belt in his five-year drag racing career and has continued his solid efforts on the the track this summer. Cochran’s first championship came in 2014, when he was just nine […]

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Letter to the Editor: Career Pathways Good Option for High Schoolers

Originally published in the Northglenn Thorton Sentinel and Westminster Window – July 26, 2018 Career Technical Education (CTE) programs are an innovative solution for preparing my generation to enter the ever-evolving workforce. For my freshman year of high school, I enrolled in the Destinations Academy of Colorado (CODCA), a CTE-focused online school. I may only […]

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Letter to the Editor: Online Education

Originally published in the Idaho Statesman – August 2, 2018 It is often difficult for a teen to find a sense of belonging — especially at school. Six years ago, I found my place with online education. I attended Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) from middle school up until my high school graduation this spring. My parents […]

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Alabama Student Enrolls in Online School to Avoid Bullying

Originally aired on WBRC-TV – August 2, 2018 An Alabama girl was bullied so badly at school, her mother looked for a different way to teach her child. “Her grades started falling, she started coming home and started withdrawing more and more,” said Angela Shealy. “I was like, ‘This is not my child. What is going on […]

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Bogart Teen Earns Associate’s Degree

Originally published in The Oconee Enterprise – August 1, 2018 Eighteen-year-old Bogart resident Alannah Freeman recently earned an associate’s degree in business management at the same time as she received her high school diploma, all while never stepping inside a physical high school classroom. Freeman chose to transfer to an online high school, Georgia Cyber Academy, […]

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How Arkansas Virtual Academy Helped One Girl Live Her Dreams

Originally aired on KLRT-TV – July 29, 2018 Thanks to online learning, Arkansas Virtual Academy student Sunni Deb Weaver is able to follow her dreams of showing poultry. An avid animal lover, Sunni pursues her passion by competing in show poultry competitions across the nation. Her mom says, “She wouldn’t be able to pursue her dreams as she […]

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Gainesville Teen Raises Exotic Animals

Originally aired on WGFL-TV – July 25, 2018  “I usually just tell them that I have a zoo and all these animals like kangaroos, camels and zebras and they never believe me.” A day in the life of Katie Hajos is pretty unbelievable — on her family’s farm in High Springs she works with exotic […]