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TOPS Alum on the Impact of Virtual Learning

Originally published in The Dallas Morning News – August 7, 2020 High school can be tough enough for introverts and newbies, but no student should ever fear for their safety. Moving from a small town in Montana to a Dallas high school with more than 1,700 students, I was completely overwhelmed. During this time, I […]

SCVCS Alum on Virtual Education

Originally published in The State – August 5, 2020 Many people have misconceptions about online school or homeschooling, and it’s time to set the record straight. For my last two years of high school I attended South Carolina Virtual Charter School, which was a full-time online school even before COVID-19. I had an experience that […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Online school is great option for students during pandemic

Originally published in The Sumter Item – August 1, 2020 COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise across South Carolina. As the number of cases rise, the realistic odds of students safely returning to in-person learning next month goes down. But many parents are still concerned about the quality of education their child will receive. There’s […]

Consider online academies

Originally published in the Tampa Bay Times – August 2, 2020 When the pandemic closed schools nationwide, millions of parents suddenly found themselves in the role of substitute teacher. Many of my friends are dreading the upcoming school year, because district schools offer little hope of a full or uninterrupted schedule. For younger kids like […]

Online school can benefit some students more than they may think

Originally published in Wyoming Tribune Eagle – July 30, 2020 Growing up, I learned I had spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative disease that decreases the muscle strength throughout my entire body, causing me to fatigue and wear out very easily. In junior high, my family noticed I was getting sick by the end of each […]

Las Vegas family of Nevada Virtual Academy shares experience with online learning

Originally aired on KVVU-TV – July 28, 2020 As schools across the Clark County School District scramble to switch to online learning, there’s one public school in Nevada that isn’t nearly as affected by the pandemic: Nevada Virtual Academy (NVVA). It’s a tuition-free K-12 online public school with standardized curriculums and state-certified teachers.  The Croswhite family said […]

Legislators need to protect school choice

Originally published in The Arizona Capitol Times – July 27, 2020 Dear Editor: Since first grade, I’ve been either home schooled or enrolled in online public school. While I enjoyed being home schooled with my siblings, attending an online school gave me a learning structure and a wider variety of curriculum. I also had state-credentialed […]

‘It’s what we do’: Online charter school plans for enrollment increase

Originally published by WISC-TV – July 22, 2020 As many public school districts figure out how best to provide students with virtual learning this fall, a state online charter school said it’s planning for a likely increase in enrollment. The Wisconsin Virtual Academy is based in the McFarland School District, but students can enroll from all over […]

Tips for making virtual learning easier from a mom who does it every day

Originally published on WUSA9 – July 21, 2020 Many students first experienced virtual learning at the end of the school year, and, in many states, it might be a possibility again in the fall.  For most parents, that shift came with a steep learning curve. But for mom Elmater Pleasant, whose daughter Gabriel attends a […]

Protect school choice

Originally published by The Arkansas Democrat- Gazette – July 11, 2020 Covid-19 is forcing many families to reconsider the way their students attend school. With brick-and-mortar schools across the country closed in response to the pandemic, many turned to online classes. But not every online school experience is created equal. When done right, and with […]