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Letter: Since kids are different, parents need education options

Originally published in The Florida Times-Union – January 28, 2020 Gone are the days of applying the same mold to every child who enters a classroom. Their individual needs must be met. When they aren’t, it’s necessary to have an alternative in place. I know this is important because of the experience my own two […]

Destinations Career Academy of Colorado: School Choice Week

Originally aired on KDVR-TV – January 27, 2020 This week is National School Choice Week.  This week is to help families become aware of the different K-12 education options available to children and families while also spotlighting the benefits of school choice. To learn more about Destinations Career Academy of Colorado, visit https://codca.k12.com/

Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy: National School Choice Week

Originally aired on WXMI-TV – January 26, 2020 In an interview with WXMI-TV, Laura Van Wormer, Career and Tech Coordinator at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, talks National School Choice Week, explains what virtual public schools have to offer, and how students are succeeding in the online environment.

Joanna: It would be ‘really cool’ to be on ‘World of Dance’

Originally published in the Fairfax County Times – January 23, 2020 I was introduced to this confident, yet humble young dancer by a representative from her online public school. He wrote: “At just eight years old, Fairfax resident Joanna Surface has been named a “Breakout Artist” by the NUVO Dance Convention and has over 20,000 […]

Letter: Online school

Originally published in The Westminster Window – January 21, 2020 Online school works for Abri. My granddaughter Abri has had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where she is today. Growing up she missed a lot of school due to instability at home. As a result, she fell significantly behind academically and […]

Driving for Dyslexia

Originally aired on WXIN-TV – January 21, 2020 A central Indiana middle school student hopes to become the youngest winner of the Indy 500, but his accomplishments off the track are making an impact on the classroom. Elliot Cox is a seven-time national go cart points champion. In this seventh grader’s bedroom, you won’t find […]

Letter: I do my best to give back to my community

Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch – January 20, 2020 As a middle school student at Ohio Virtual Academy, I am busy studying, being a captain on my basketball team, attending church and taking college classes at Ohio Christian University. Even with my busy schedule, my family taught me the importance of being thankful for life’s blessings […]

Annual drive collects over 20,000 toys

Originally published in the Urbana Daily Citizen – January 14, 2020 Ever since that first year, their toy drive has snowballed into a regional effort that has at least doubled the amount of toys they collected each and every year. Last year’s 4th annual toy drive effort managed to collected a staggering 9,224 toys that […]