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Op-ed: Include virtual education in teacher certification requirements

Originally published in The Indianapolis Star – February 9, 2020 I have been in education for a long time, both as a teacher and as an administrator. I have also taught in multiple school settings, including in a traditional classroom as well as in a virtual one. Having a front row seat to various learning […]

OK Fellow Boomers, Here’s Where Today’s Youth May Have a Point

Originally published on Medium – February 7, 2020 You may have seen this ad from Amazon, in which a young man checks in on his grandfather and they bond over music. It’s a heartwarming moment: A young person spending time with their elder and helping them stay connected to our tech-immersed world. But is it […]

How many hours should online students spend learning? Indiana could pick a number.

Originally published in the Chalkbeat – February 5, 2020 How much time should online students spend learning? After the state lost $47 million from two now-defunct virtual charter schools enrolling thousands of inactive students, Indiana lawmakers want to make sure online students are showing up. A new proposal that sailed through the House last week […]

Skills Gap’s Financial Implications Call Business Leaders, Educators to Action

Originally published in the Morning Consult – February 6, 2020 Young people graduating into today’s economy have some of the best prospects in a generation. Unemployment is at record lows, the nation’s longest economic expansion shows no sign of letting up, and businesses are desperate for qualified workers.  According to a new survey of HR […]

Cory Booker’s Departure Closes One Door, Opens Another For School Choice

Originally published in Issues & Insights – February 3, 2020 You would think that nearly a decade since National School Choice Week started, there would not only be more presidential candidates in favor of school choice, but that the one Democratic candidate in favor of it – aside from new entrant Mike Bloomberg – would […]

America’s economic development demands school choice for all children

Originally published in The Washington Examiner – January 31, 2020 For nearly as long as we have had public schools, we have had school choice. Why? Because communities with greater financial resources were able to invest more in their schools, and over time, those schools attracted more families of means, driving a self-sustaining cycle of […]

TecHR Interview with Casey Welch, Co-founder, President, and CEO of Tallo

Originally published in TecHR Series – January 23, 2020 Hello, Casey! Walk us through your professional journey. Tell us about the story behind Tallo. I grew up in a small town, where I experienced firsthand the challenges companies and colleges face in connecting with talent from rural areas. I had the very specific talent of […]

A 2020 Wish List for Progress in American Education

Originally published in Townhall – January 16, 2020 At the beginning of the 2000s, the stars were aligned for broad-based educational reform. A Republican president had made it one of his signature issues and a Democratic Congress – operating in a much less partisan environment than exists currently – was ready to work with him […]

Helping the next generation of students succeed and transform our world

Originally published in eSchool News – January 15, 2020 I remember when the people I looked up to were older than me. These days, I’m looking to the younger generation for inspiration, and hoping they don’t disappoint. Our futures rest in the hands of today’s elementary, middle, and high schoolers. We need to stop labeling […]