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A 2020 Wish List for Progress in American Education

Originally published in Townhall – January 16, 2020 At the beginning of the 2000s, the stars were aligned for broad-based educational reform. A Republican president had made it one of his signature issues and a Democratic Congress – operating in a much less partisan environment than exists currently – was ready to work with him […]

Helping the next generation of students succeed and transform our world

Originally published in eSchool News – January 15, 2020 I remember when the people I looked up to were older than me. These days, I’m looking to the younger generation for inspiration, and hoping they don’t disappoint. Our futures rest in the hands of today’s elementary, middle, and high schoolers. We need to stop labeling […]

Bridge the opportunity divide with 21st-century tools

Originally published in Working Nation – December 18, 2019 We are two of the lucky ones. We both found careers that we love and are passionate about. However, sometimes, we can’t help but daydream about the roads we didn’t take. What could’ve happened if we were exposed to real-world work experiences while we were still […]

Education Reform Will See Better Days – If We Let It

Originally published in TownHall – November 27, 2019 Parents of color are feeling frustrated and abandoned by the formerly pro-charter politicians who have turned their backs on them. Rightfully so, considering there’s just one Democrat who has remained steadfast in his commitment to school choice, and he’s already considered dropping out of the presidential race […]

Ido Yerushalmi and Pat Acker: We need to take manufacturing out of the factory and into the classroom

Originally published in The Cap Times – November 14, 2019 Manufacturing jobs are high-tech jobs — and high-opportunity to boot. Even though the manufacturing industry employs the second-highest number of Wisconsinites — surpassed only by trade, transportation and utilities — popular sentiment skews in other directions. Ninety percent of Americans agree we need manufacturing for a strong economy, but […]

Online education enables better ways of learning, teaching

Originally published in Ludington Daily News – November 13, 2019 Going on 40 years as a college professor, half of which involved instruction in an online environment, I’ve seen revolutionary approaches to learning. I’ve seen educators like myself benefit from leveraging digital tools to better get to know and therefore teach their students. And speaking […]

When Will I Ever Need This?

Originally published in Parentology – November 8, 2019 We’ve all been there at some point or another during our teenage years — sitting in a calculus class we’ve been assigned, wondering: “When will I ever need math?” Or biology, French, English Literature… fill in the blank. Yes, the age-old question persists — will we ever […]

Virtual Students Count

Originally published in The Winchester News Gazette – October 22, 2019 Indiana is a Count Day state. For the virtual students at Indiana Digital, that day was also about how much they count.  Virtual students face unique challenges in their lives that can be hard on a student’s self-confidence. I wanted them to know their […]