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How Educators Can Help Students Turn Passions into Fulfilling Careers

Originally published on RealClear Education – June 14, 2019  A college education still holds its worth for certain fields, but for students interested in skilled trades or professions that require some additional education or training—but not a four-year degree—it’s not always a necessary next step. That’s why today’s educators need to inform students about college as […]

DA op-ed: What it takes to be a successful virtual teacher

Originally published in District Administration – April 30, 2019 The five years I taught in Atlanta Public Schools prepared me for many things, including keeping my students on task and engaged, dealing with behavioral issues and identifying students who needed more support. But when I transitioned to teaching online, I felt entirely unprepared. How could […]

Letters: Employers can do more to encourage STEM skills

Originally published in The Advocate – May 22, 2019  In 1979, 1 in 5 workers in the U.S. was in manufacturing, the backbone of the American economy. But as technology advanced, manufacturing evolved — minimizing the size of the products made and number of people required to make them. Today, manufacturing is making a comeback, […]

Three Innovators Changing The Education Landscape Today

Originally published by Forbes – May 8, 2019 America is the land of innovation, leading the world in technology, art and industry — yet we still have a 20th-century educational system. Our schools are stifled by regulatory overload, making it difficult to bring needed change to outdated ways of doing things. Fortunately for our nation’s […]

Fueling educational opportunity in Washington

Originally published in the Renton Reporter – April 5, 2019 How can public school students care for a sick family member, travel continuously for competitive sports or even raise a child, all while receiving personalized instruction every day? The answer is easy: online classes. I live in Renton, but I work as an online teacher for public […]

DA Op-Ed: Improving student achievement every day

Originally published in District Administration – February 21, 2019 As educators and school leaders, our goal is to help students reach their greatest potential and be prepared for the future. But if data is not driving all education decisions, a school’s efforts will often fall short. In order to make improvements at Arizona Virtual Academy, […]

Ed-Tech Key to Early Career Readiness

Originally published in Inside Sources – January 30, 2019 Retiring baby boomers, a technology skills gap, and less career-prepared students are cause for concern in today’s rapidly changing workplace and emerging gig economy. As employers are scrambling to find candidates with the skills they need to fill jobs that didn’t even exist five years ago, […]