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Ed-Tech Key to Early Career Readiness

Originally published in Inside Sources – January 30, 2019 Retiring baby boomers, a technology skills gap, and less career-prepared students are cause for concern in today’s rapidly changing workplace and emerging gig economy. As employers are scrambling to find candidates with the skills they need to fill jobs that didn’t even exist five years ago, […]

Student Centered Accountability: Grad Rate – Fourth Year and Understanding Mobility

Originally published on EdNote. This post is a guest post by Chase E. Eskelsen, M.Ed., Project Manager of National Academic Policy at K12 Inc. This is part one of a three-part series on student centered accountability. Part 1: Fourth Year and Understanding Mobility Graduation rate is a buzzword often used in education, but many don’t really understand […]

Opinion: Public Education Requires Renewed Focus On Skills-Based Learning

Originally published in The Daily Caller – January 11, 2019 America’s confidence in its public schools has dropped significantly in the past half-century. A mere 29 percent of Gallup survey participants expressed a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in public schools, down from 58 percent the first time the question was asked in 1973. However, […]

Davis: The Continuous Evolution of Online Schools

Originally published in THE Journal – December 11, 2018 Over the last 20 years, technology has opened the door to a far more flexible and personalized approach to learning. Millions of people have taken advantage of MOOCs, microcredentials and distance learning, not to mention countless informal modes of instruction ranging from podcasts to ebooks. This […]

Early training puts students on the road to career success

Originally published in The Arizona Republic – November 23, 2018 I have the unique opportunity to put students on the path to success. And I don’t take this responsibility for granted. Whether I’m connecting teachers to the resources they need or reviewing anew curriculum, I think about how my decisions will affect my students — […]

Career Readiness Programs For Students Are Vital to Future of Idaho, U.S.

Originally published in the Idaho Statesman – November 20, 2018 Every day, I have the chance to make a difference in a student’s life. Whether I’m reviewing a new curriculum or researching a new learning program, I think about how my decisions will affect students — well beyond their high school graduation. And as the […]

Matt Norton: ECOT does not reflect all online charter schools

Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch – September 13, 2018 The story of Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow — the now-closed online public charter school and its operators who are accused of overbilling the state by millions of dollars — is an ugly saga on many levels. For one, it’s a violation of the public trust. […]

Three Ways AI Can Answer Every Student Who Raises a Hand

Originally published in Education Technology Insights – August 17, 2018 Three Ways AI Can Answer Every Student Who Raises a Hand By Doug McCollum, Senior Vice President and head of Curriculum and Products, K12 Matt, a fourth grader, is confused with math class and has a question about fractions: How can one-third and two-sixths be […]

Graduation Statistics Fail America’s Students

Originally published in Idaho Education News – July 30, 2018 We hear about an alarmingly large number of America’s schools failing to graduate their students. The Gates Foundation spent six years and $575 million to improve high school graduation rates — and they didn’t change. It might be time to consider that we’re measuring the wrong thing. The federal […]