Denham Springs Gymnast on Fast Track

Originally aired on Baton Rouge’s WGMB – September 28, 2017

BATON ROUGE, La. – Denham Springs resident, and 2nd grader at Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy (LAVCA), Judah Peoples, is 7 year old gymnast who already has his sights set on making it to the Olympics one day.

If you’re looking for Judah, you can find him in the gym almost every day of the week practicing his craft. If Judah is not in the gym, chances are he is climbing or flipping off of furniture at home. Judah’s gymnastics career is ramping up with his first competitive meet this fall, where he is hoping to win the the gold!

With such a busy practice and competition schedule, attending a traditional brick and mortar school would be difficult for Judah, as he would have to be physically in-class for 6 hours a day, which would cut into his training time. This is why Judah and his parents made the decision to enroll in LAVCA – a K12 Inc. powered online public charter school.

Since LAVCA is entirely online, Judah is able to complete his schoolwork anywhere with an internet connection, at any time of day, at his own pace. This flexibility enables Judah to maintain his 6 day a week practice schedule and travel to compete without having to sacrifice his education. Judah can do his work on the road, or even in the gym while taking a water break.

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