Letter: Don’t Let Bullying Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

Originally published in the Columbia Basin Herald – October 23, 2019

In my previous school, bullies were a distraction that prevented me from focusing on my classes.

My mother was tired of the school refusing to intervene and found a new alternative for me with online school at Washington Virtual Academy. Thankfully, this new learning environment provided me with the support I needed to concentrate and offered me the advanced course load I was looking for.

Attending school online also opened new doors of opportunities that I never got to experience before. Taking advanced-level math courses at WAVA truly prepared me for the rigor of college courses at Washington State University.

October is Bullying Prevention Month. My message for students who are being bullied is to always stand up for yourself. I’ve experienced and witnessed the impact that bullying can have firsthand. But I’m a successful student and where I am today, because I didn’t let bullying stop me from reaching my goals.

Gage Paasch

Soap Lake

To learn more about Washington Virtual Academy, visit https://wava.k12.com/

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