Equine therapy helps Sierra Vista brothers

Originally aired on KOLD-TV – January 29, 2020

 For two brothers, time at school was not always fun. They were getting bad grades and there were some behavior issues. Then their grandparents took them to Broken Crayons Animal Sanctuary in Tombstone.

The ranch is run by Dr. Lilla Deluca. She once worked for Child Protective Services in Los Angeles. She said the ranch combines two of her favorite things: horses and children.

She rescues all of the horses and rehabs them to good health. Once they are in good health they are ready to work with the children.

The two brothers, Luis Ramirez and Zander Grimm, have enjoyed their time working with the horses.

Deluca sets goals for the boys. If they reach those goals, then they get to work with the horses. The boys get to brush, feed and even have to clean up after the horses.

The plan has worked so far, the two are motivated to do well in school. The boys are doing better at Insight School of Arizona and their behavior is changing.

Deluca doesn’t just use the therapy for the two brothers. She also has foster kids, families and even soldiers, who come by to work with the horses.

To learn more about Insight School of Arizona, visit https://az.insightschools.net/

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