EXCLUSIVE: Online Schooling Could Be The Best Approach To School Cancellations Caused By Coronavirus

Originally published in The Daily Caller – March 18, 2020

K12 Inc. President Kevin P. Chavous joined the Daily Caller White House correspondent Maranda Finney to share how his online education platform could be used to supplement schools forced to close due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

COVID-19, frequently referred to as the novel coronavirus, has swept across many countries, including the United States. In an effort to get ahead of the mass spread of COVID-19the U.S. government, along with state and local government figures, has encouraged organizations that host large groups of people to suspend their activities for the time being.

Due to these unforeseen country-wide event suspensions, some K-12 school systems have found themselves unprepared for this kind of immediate change and are now in need of alternative options to continue the teaching process. Kevin P. Chavous shares how his online education platform, K12 Inc., could be the solution for just that.

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