Fairfax County’s Ellie Sepulveda is making a name for herself in the rock climbing world

Originally aired on WJLA-TV – July 9, 2019

A Fairfax County teenager is making a name for herself in the rock climbing world.

Ellie Sepulveda is a 16-year-old rock climbing sensation with a need for speed and a competitive spirit.

“I just like being better, I’m never really content or happy of where I’m at,” Ellie said.

The Fairfax Station resident has already turned pro. She can scale a 50-foot wall in ten seconds.

“It kind of makes me laugh because she’s not a superhero, she just works really hard and has gotten to where she’s gotten through a lot of hard work,” said Rene Sepulveda, her dad.

Ellie is not your typical high school student. She takes her classes through George Washington University Online High School. That gives her the flexibility to train on the wall, five days a week for five hours a day.

“You know I wouldn’t have been able to go to China for two weeks if I went to a traditional school,” Ellie said.

As an international competitor, Ellie has trained in South Africa, Ecuador and Spain.

“Climbing is a great sport if you want to compete, but it’s also a good sport to be recreational and to have fun,” Ellie said, “and something people always say is like the best climbers are the ones that are having the most fun.”

Ellie is climbing the wall to success, and that is why she is a rising star.

To learn more about George Washington University Online High School, visit https://www.gwuohs.com/.

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