Florence teenager racing with the big boys

Originally aired on KOLD-TV – November 21, 2019

For most weekends during the year. You can find the Chapman family on the track. They are a racing family from Florence. One of the Chapman children is getting a lot attention for her skills on the track.

Mia Chapman is 16-years-old. She has has been driving race cars since she was six. She says, this started off as something for the family to do. After a couple of races, it turned into sort of a career. Mia races on the dirt track and loves to go fast. Recently she has moved up in the dirt track world. Now she is racing against grown men. This race season, she won a race and cake in 3rd place during the last race of the season. Her skills on the track have also caught the attention of a national sponsor. For the last 3 years Chapman has been sponsored by Red Bull. She tell us, the sponsorship has a ton with her racing career.

But how does she race each weekend and do her school work. She says, online school is a big help to her racing career. Chapman goes to Insight Academy of Arizona or ISAZ for short. It’s virtual public that she has attended for the last few years.

Chapman tells me, her future goals are to continue moving up on the dirt track circuit and one day be on the National stage.

To learn more about Insight Academy of Arizona, please visit https://az.insightschools.net/

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