High School Bullying Drove Utah Teen to Attempt Suicide

Originally aired on KTVX-TV – December 1, 2017

Lilith Shlosman has a habit of taking in strays. “Just yesterday I found a dog and then maybe another month before that I found another dog,” Shlosman said. “Maybe four dogs in the last two months.”

The 16 year old aspiring veterinarian from Millcreek describes herself as an outcast, who experienced bullying in high school. She says it all started when she asked a popular boy out.

“The guy that I asked out was talking crap about me with his other friends who would spread it around school. Eventually it evolved to cyber bullying,” Shlosman told ABC4 Utah News. “I would feel anger, sadness, regret…hate to myself rather than them.”

Lilith started cutting herself before eventually attempting suicide at age 14.

“If I wasn’t here maybe it would make them happier,” she said. “I swallowed a bunch of pills…I thought it wasn’t enough so I took more and then it started to hurt so I told my Dad.”

Knowing that she couldn’t go back to the torment she experienced, Lilith dropped out of school and enrolled in virtual classes on her laptop. She’s now a junior at Utah Virtual Academy taking a full courseload through the free online program.

“Going to online school helps me much better than public school where I don’t have to see people that I know don’t like me and talk crap about me,” she said.

Away from the high school drama, she can concentrate on academics and instead of a target for bullies she’s a straight A student.

“I just tell people to stay strong no matter what others say and what you think about yourself,” Shlosman said. “It’s probably best to believe in yourself when you have the hardest time in doing so.”

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or download the Safe UT app at https://healthcare.utah.edu/uni/clinical-services/safe-ut/

For more information on Utah Virtual Academy, go to http://utva.k12.com/.

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