Holly teen completes random acts of kindness

Originally aired on WEWS-TV on February 26, 2019

“You pay it forward to someone else, it can change your day, your life and it can change the world.” said student, Rainey Terpening

Rainey Terpening’s mom Ellen says her daughter has always had a giving spirit, even as a young child.

“The biggest heart ever. Loves everyone, and she can always see the good in everyone and see the good in every situation. ” said Rainey’s mom, Ellen Terpening.

The 14 year old often thinks about how she can make a difference.

“So we’ve been doing different things all year round. We’ve been doing small and big things,” Rainey said.

Four the last four months, Rainey has been on a mission.

She has been collecting pop cans, and end up with more than 200 dollars worth. She recently cashed them in.

“Probably a good couple of hours turning them all in.” Ellen said

Enough to purchase several dozen boxes of donuts.
To give out to the ER staff at a few hospitals in Genesee County last week.

It’s all part of the Holly teen’s efforts to complete random acts of kindness.

Rainey said, “They were all very thankful and they all said they would pay it forward to someone else too.”

This is not the first time Rainey has opened up her generous heart.

Last Christmas, with the help of donations, she was able to purchase more than $220 dollars worth of gloves, stuffed animal and other items to give out to children at Hurley Children”s Hospital, a Flint Shelter and Whaley’s Children Center.

Ellen said the response has been overwhelming.

“We didn’t think it would be such an impact, but this year has been amazing, watching her just like a flower, just opening up and spreading. Its been phenomenal watching,” Ellen said.

Rainey, a student at Michigan Virtual Charter Academy. Her online studies allows her the flexibility to carry out good deeds.

“I just see how people get happy and they get motivated and they decided to different things and help out others. And if it can make a difference in the world, I want that to happen. Where it’s a nicer place in the world, ” Rainey said.

For more information on Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, visit https://mvca.k12.com/

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