Insight PA Cyber Charter School: A Better Way Forward

Originally aired on ABC 27 – March 16, 2018

Insight Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (ISPA) is a tuition-free online public charter school available to students throughout Pennsylvania. ISPA’s CEO Eileen Cannistraci was live in-studio for Good Day PA, sharing the benefits of online learning and all the opportunities available to students.

For the 2018-2019 school year, ISPA high school students will have the opportunity to take Career Technical Education (CTE) courses through the school’s Destinations program. CTE introduces students to specialty trade skills through online courses in business, health science and information technology, allowing them to explore their interests and get a head start on future career opportunities. ISPA will offer classes in the fields of health services, business and information technologies. In addition to skills training and our core curriculum, students are introduced to soft skills, such as being able to collaborate with others, work as a team, public speaking, having a growth mindset, etc.

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