What is the K12 Mission?

The K12 mission is to transform learning for every student we serve.

How Does K12 Provide Students with an Individualized Education?

We believe every student is uniquely brilliant and deserves a high-quality education to help them thrive in school and ultimately be prepared for post-secondary education and a career. We pay careful attention to each learner’s unique strengths, needs, and interests.

How Does Online School Work?

In online school, the classroom is in the home or on the road, wherever an Internet connection is available. Students enrolled in an online public school sometimes gather in virtual classrooms and regularly receive support from their teachers via phone, online meetings, and sometimes face-to-face.

What Learning Options Does K12 Provide?

K12 offers the following three learning options:

Free Online Public Schools

Free online public schools, powered by K12 and available in more than 33 states, offer students a high-quality education. K12’s online public school programs include the following types of schools:

  • Virtual Academies are statewide and offer the K12 program online for grades K through 12
  • Insight Schools help middle and high school students and their families overcome academic obstacles with a unique and highly supportive approach to learning
  • Blended Schools are full-time, five-day-a-week that combine a hybrid of the best of online education with a traditional onsite location

Find an online public school in your state, or learn more about free online public schools.

Online Private Schools

K12’s tuition-based online private schools offer flexible programs that allow students to meet their individual goals.

Individual and Supplemental Courses

Individual online courses from K12’s extensive award-winning curriculum are available for purchase to supplement your current education or serve as the foundation for your homeschool curriculum. Some courses offer the option of instruction by a trained online teacher. Learn more about courses for purchase.