KATV Little Rock: Receiving an Education Through Arkansas Virtual Academy

Due to severe medical issues, 14- year-old Sage carpenter and his 11-year-old sister, Lily, do not attend a brick and mortar school. Their parents decided to enroll them in Arkansas Virtual Academy.

“I really like it. It is pretty good and it acts like a normal school, its just you can do it at home and it’s on the computer”, said 9th grader, Sage Carpenter.

“It’s very easy to do, like the platform is very easy to get used to”, said 5th grader, Lily Carpenter.

Classes take place at home, or anywhere with an internet connection, but it’s not the same as homeschooling.

“They send you your curriculum and it’s free since it’s a public, charter school. You have teachers that are online for you to access, so you have that support”, said Siobhan Carpenter, mother of Sage and Lily.

With online chat rooms, and live videos with teachers; students can receive help and support from their peers.

“You are not losing the sort of interactive thing by doing this, you still get that”, said Lily.

For the Carpenter family, Arkansas Virtual Academy fits right into their lifestyle.

“I really love it. Every family is different and every parent does what they think is right for their child. For me, getting to have them with me and getting to watch them learn and their personalities progress has just been amazing”, said Siobhan.

And for extracurricular activities, they go outside the home for that.

“We just try to get them out whenever we can. Lily is more of the person that wants to get out and always go and do things. Sage wants to be at home, so we make them leave”, said Siobhan.

To learn more about Arkansas Virtual Academy, visit http://arva.k12.com

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