Leader of Virtual Academy in Manistee Named Head of School of the Year

Kendall S.

Originally published in Ludington Daily News – June 6, 2018

Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy (MGLVA) Head of School Kendall Schroeder has been named 2018 Head of School of the Year by K12, Inc.

An online public charter school authorized by Manistee Public Schools, MGLVA is open tuition-free to all students in kindergarten through 12th grade who reside in the state of Michigan.

School leaders recognized by this annual award are selected from across K12’s national network of online schools, and have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to successfully supporting students and families.

“We are proud to honor Kendall Schroeder as a K12-powered School Leader of the Year,” said Kevin P. Chavous, K12’s president of academics, policy and schools. “Mr. Schroeder exemplifies that Heads of Schools are also the hearts of their online learning communities, and we are proud to recognize him for all he does for Michigan’s students, staff and families.”

Since MGLVA opened in 2013, Schroeder has grown his staff and student body to be one of the largest online public schools in Michigan, providing more than 2,800 students across the state with a positive learning community, according to a press release announcing the award.

Schroeder is also looked to as a leader by other heads of schools, as he routinely seeks opportunities to encourage academic, professional and personal growth among teachers, staff and students, the press release stated.

“The MGLVA Board of Directors is proud that Kendall Schroeder has been awarded this national honor,” said MGLVA Board Chair Dave Ohman. “Kendall has led our school from its creation, provided calm and steady leadership, and built a professional team of educators that is focused on helping students be successful where traditional schools and methods have failed them.

He has navigated the Academy through financial issues beyond its control.

He continues to lead our students and our school into the future with career technical instruction and other innovations that our blended learning format lends itself to very well. We are thankful that Kendall is leading our school, and this is a well-deserved recognition of his contribution to the education of Michigan’s students.”

Schroeder has been involved in elementary, middle and high school education since earning his bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Central Michigan University.

Prior to taking the position as MGLVA’s founding head of school, Schroeder held a variety of roles in public education, in both brick-and-mortar and virtual settings, including teacher, curriculum director, athletic director and principal.

The K12 Leaders of the Year, along with teachers named in the K12 2018 Teach360 Awards, were honored at a luncheon and celebration at K12 headquarters in Herndon, Virginia on Tuesday.

To learn more about Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, visit https://mglva.k12.com/.

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