Letter: Adapting to educational needs

Originally published by Standard-Examiner – August 13, 2020

Our family is facing the same challenges as millions of families around the world: how will our kids keep up with their education as schools change the way education is delivered?

Last spring, when schools closed in Utah, I watched my daughter Taelor and her siblings do online learning through our district school’s “distance learning” model. The kids enjoyed being home, but we struggled to feel like they were still receiving a quality education. This was disappointing, and caused concern and uncertainty of what school would look like in the fall. I wasn’t sure I’d want them to return to school, so I knew we needed to find an alternative. We’d need an experienced online school I could depend on to provide their education, and support us as they learned from home. I considered our options, and decided Utah Virtual Academy would be a great choice because of the positive experiences a friend of mine had with them. They provide fully virtual curricula and teaching for students, as well as support for their parents. It was a perfect fit.

As parents, we have to make the most of the COVID circumstances and take responsibility for their continued education. Even though this new school year will be different than we had planned, I’m excited to watch my kids grow and be challenged in fully online school.

Leah Olsen

Big Water

To learn more about Utah Virtual Academy, visit https://utva.k12.com/.

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