Letter: Cybercharter schools deserve to continue

Originally published in The Reading Eagle – February 2, 2020


I wanted my son to have the best possible education I could get for him. I looked at the schools in my town but also did a lot of research on online schools. He started attending Insight Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School and has really thrived. ISPA designed a personalized curriculum to best suit his academic needs. And it offers great online and in-person activities and clubs so he can socialize with his classmates. He loves his classes and looks forward to school every day.

Now I’m hearing that some politicians in Harrisburg want to close down cybercharter schools in this state and force 37,000 online students back into local schools? How is this in the best interest of my child? Shouldn’t my family have a say in the future of our children?

ISPA provides us with a challenging curriculum and robust resources. It ships all our materials to our door: books, laptop and even a printer. Education must meet the needs of the student, and ISPA does that.

The curriculum my student receives at ISPA exceeded our expectations, and we would be devastated if politicians forced it to close. I urge Pennsylvania’s leaders to continue protecting our school choice options.

Erica Foden

To learn more about Insight Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, visit https://pa.insightschools.net/

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