Letter: Daughter flourished with Ohio Virtual Academy

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Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch – May 26, 2019

Some parents don’t think that their children can build meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers in an online classroom. I used to believe that too. But my daughter’s experience in online public school proved me wrong.

At Ohio Virtual Academy, Kailee’s teachers work with her one-on-one to help her understand each lesson and catch up if she’s behind. This year she’s taking Modern World History and enjoys the course because of the way her teacher, David Brockway, leads the class and helps his students. He creates interactive lessons and allows shy students to privately raise their hand to ask a question if they don’t understand something. Kailee used to hate history but now gets A’s.

For parents with students struggling in a traditional classroom setting, I urge them to consider online school.

Shannon Lytton, Grove City


To learn more about Ohio Virtual Academy, visit https://ohva.k12.com/

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