LETTER: High School easier with online classes

Originally published in The Summerville Gazette – January 30, 2020

To the Editor:

Like many teens, I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time. Then last year I was also diagnosed with an eating disorder called Avoidant Reactive Food Intake Disorder. I enjoy learning and dream of becoming an author one day but living with anxiety and an eating disorder is hard. I can’t imagine going to regular public school on top of that.

Thankfully, here in South Carolina I can attend school by taking online classes from my home.

This year I’m a senior in high school at South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS). With the help of so many of my amazing teachers and counselors I received an academic scholarship to attend Trident Technical College this fall where I plan to major in psychology. I even joined Mu Alpha Theta, a national math honor society, because I find myself enjoying math for the first time.

Being a teen isn’t easy. High school isn’t easy. What makes it a little easier for me, is that I get to attend school in an environment where I’m comfortable and where I get the support I need to succeed. For me that’s public school at home. For my friends or neighbors, it might be a different type of school. We all learn in different ways. We recently marked National School Choice Week, and I hope all South Carolina families can choose a school that works best for them.

Chloe Yarwood, Grade 12, South Carolina Virtual Charter School,


To learn more about South Carolina Virtual Charter School, visit https://scvcs.k12.com/

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