Letter: In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Originally published by the Arizona Daily Star – May 16, 2020

As parents of a kindergartener and a second grader, we’re thankful for great teachers, and wanted to extend our gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our daughter, Tara-Sue, is a kindergartener who loves learning and exploring the world around her. We wanted her to be challenged, and enrolled her at Arizona Virtual Academy. There, her teacher has encouraged her to pursue her curiosities through the Advanced Learner Program. Her favorite classes include coding and sand sculpting. David, now a second grader, quickly fell in love with coding, too, and keeps the family entertained with his game creations. AZVA gave both our kids a chance to explore their talents. Their youngest sister, Angelina, will be a kindergartener at AZVA next fall.

As parents, it’s thrilling to watch our kids grow. We know that without their amazing teachers, our children wouldn’t be where they are today. In times of pandemic, especially, teachers make a huge difference in students’ everyday lives. Our family thanks AZVA teachers, and educators everywhere!

Kristina Dawkins

Southwest side

To learn more about Arizona Virtual Academy visit https://azva.k12.com/

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