Letter: Online school clicked for me

Originally published on The Hickory Daily Record – July 9, 2020

With the hardships everyone is enduring at home right now, it’s important that schools don’t add an extra burden for students. Schools have a responsibility to provide a supportive environment. Online schools have this goal in mind.

After being bullied at my previous school, I enrolled in South Carolina Virtual Charter School. From 7th to 12th grade I attended the online school to not only break away from my bullies but to also to support my family through hard times. My mom was having seizures and online school allowed me to be at home and take care of her.

Online school also gave me a newfound confidence and lead me to be the independent person I am today. Without bullies holding me back I was free to grow both academically and personally. I had to learn how to study on my own and independently manage my classes and schedule, but this gave me a head start for similar aspects in my life after high school.

The lessons I learned from online school continue to help me in my everyday life -– years later. Today, I’m working toward my Google IT Support Professional Certificate. Because of my six years in online school, I feel prepared and successful in this online training course.

Especially now during the pandemic and amid a world of uncertainty, it’s important that every student has a school that supports them. Online school is what clicked for me. I believe the same could be true for others like me, too.

Maresa Chitwood

Fountain Inn SC

To learn more about South Carolina Virtual Charter School, visit https://scvcs.k12.com/

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