Letter: Online school is a valuable alternative

Originally published in the Post Register – September 20, 2020

Students shouldn’t feel held back by their school. Every student has unique needs that aren’t always met by a one-size-fits-all environment. And this is true for many students across Idaho.

As a student, I remember the feeling of independence and complete control I had over my education. But I wasn’t a typical student. I attended an online school with Idaho Virtual Academy, long before COVID-19 brought many online.

Growing up in a rural area, my school options were limited. My mom wanted me to receive a quality education without the negative influences that you typically experience in a brick-and-mortar school. That’s why she turned to online school.

As a self-driven individual, this alternative was perfect for me. I could build my own schedule based on assignment deadlines and complete lessons at my own pace. I owned my success.

As the first student in my family to graduate from high school, I feel like I’ve paved a way for my family to see the value and importance of education. I never would’ve explored the idea of pursuing an online higher education as a viable alternative with such confidence had it not been for my time in online school, and seeing that to overcome challenges sometimes means being adaptable and open to infinite possibilities.

I encourage families to explore online school as a valuable alternative. Every student should feel the freedom learning brings. That starts with giving them the right environment to grow and have that learning potential.

Aaron Brown


To learn more about Idaho Virtual Academy, visit https://idva.k12.com/.

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