Letter: Online teacher helpful

Originally published in the Lufkin Daily News– July 29, 2019

Our online teachers have changed our child’s life. Mr. Green was my daughter’s geometry teacher. Mr. Green knew Macie really struggled in math last year. He went above and beyond to help her understand how to work the problems. Macie still had a hard time, but he never gave up on her, and for that I am so pleased.

We enrolled Macie in Texas Online Preparatory School (TOPS) for her to have the best possible academic experience. Having teachers like Mr. Green is exactly why we transferred to a virtual school and why we stay. Online teachers prioritize relationships in the virtual setting, create small groups to foster student success, and even meet up 1:1 to help students master skills. Their students benefit from this personalized approach. Thank you, Mr. Green and TOPS!

We are proud to be a virtual school family and are already looking forward to the fast-approaching upcoming school year where Macie will continue to excel, develop strong organizational skills and communication skills, own her education, and enjoy some of the best educators around.

Wendy Schreibvogel, Brookeland

To learn more about Texas Online Preparatory School, visit https://tops.k12.com/

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