Letter: Online teaching tips

Originally published in Traverse City Record-Eagle – June 2, 2020

For so many of us, this school year is different than any other. Due to COVID-19, teachers who are accustomed to brick-and-mortar classrooms were suddenly thrust into an online teaching environment. As an online teacher at Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan, I want to share some tips to help my peers adjusting to this way of learning.

In the world of online school, communication is key. Keep your lessons simple with easy-to-understand instructions for your assignments. Stay in contact with students and parents outside of your class sessions to make sure everyone is on track and you can clear any confusion.

Remember that you’re not in this alone. With schools closed across Michigan many are making the same transition while others, like myself, are used to the online classroom. Lean on each other for support. That’s why I created a Facebook group sharing tips and resources for teachers to use and provide a space where we can all collaborate and share best practices.

I want to applaud the efforts all teachers are making during this tumultuous time. Your hard work isn’t going unnoticed and is greatly appreciated by me and the students and families you serve.

Tracey Fuller

Elwell, Michigan

To learn more about Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan, visit https://hvam.k12.com/

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