Letter: Parent: Protect school choice

Originally published in The Hickory Daily Record – August 2, 2019

Every student should have the right to attend school in an environment that works best for them. Unfortunately, this wasn’t so easy for my son Aaron.

At his previous school, Aaron was picked on and bullied by his classmates. Because of this, he couldn’t focus on his schoolwork and his grades suffered. Seeing the impact these bullies had on my son made me realize something had to change, so I quickly found a new school for him to attend.

Now that Aaron has settled in his new school, he’s focused on his classes and enjoys learning again. He’s enrolled in North Carolina Virtual Academy, an online public school that allows him to learn in a distraction-free setting. In this new environment he’s truly thriving and making me proud with all his accomplishments. His grades are going up and he’s learning important time management skills to keep up with his classes and assignments. Seeing the light return to my son’s eyes has been remarkable. And it wouldn’t have been possible without school choice.

As parents prepare to send their students back to school, I urge North Carolina legislators to protect school choice so that all parents can choose the best education plan for their students.

Elizabeth Lemons

Denver, NC

To learn more about North Carolina Virtual Academy, visit https://ncva.k12.com/

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