Letter: Teacher, school helped my child succeed

Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch – May 9, 2018

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11, I would like to recognize a teacher at Ohio Virtual Academy who has taught my daughter Kailee the importance of perseverance. Amanda Cline has shown Kailee that hard work and determination can lead to rewarding results.

I enrolled Kailee because of the flexibility that online school offers. Due to scheduling conflicts, she needed to be in an academic environment where she was allowed to work at her own pace. Kailee used to dread math classes because she struggled with many of the concepts. Cline was extremely patient from the beginning and spent extra time with my daughter.

Cline breaks down lessons to tailor to how Kailee learns; this one-on-one attention was crucial in teaching Kailee to never give up, even if it takes a few times to get the right answer. To see my child happy about math and her grades is extremely rewarding.

Shannon Lytton, Grove City, Ohio

For more information about Ohio Virtual Academy, visit: https://ohva.k12.com/

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