Letter to the Editor: Online Education

Ezra Kennedy LTE

Originally published in the Idaho Statesman – August 2, 2018

It is often difficult for a teen to find a sense of belonging — especially at school. Six years ago, I found my place with online education. I attended Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) from middle school up until my high school graduation this spring.

My parents felt like I could learn better in the virtual education environment without the social pressures or bullying often found in brick-and-mortal middle schools. My parents and I also felt that because I was academically advanced, I would be able to maintain my grades in a self-paced environment.

Online school allowed me time to give back to my community, as I was able to volunteer with hospice patients. In addition, I earned college credits throughout high school through dual enrollment with a local college. Thanks to my academic achievement and successes at IDVA, I’ve been accepted to Utah State University with a full-ride Presidential Scholarship as a Biomedical Engineering major.

For any students who are yearning for a change in their education, I urge you to consider the plethora of benefits provided by online education. It changed my life for the better, and it can change yours too.


For more information about Idaho Virtual Academy, visit https://idva.k12.com/.

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