Letter to the editor: Online schools are a good COVID alternative

Originally published by Portland Press Herald – September 13, 2020

No one should have to choose between their education and health.

As a young woman with heart problems and two autoimmune diseases, navigating high school was a challenge. Because I was frequently in the hospital, my grades began to drop. When my brick-and-mortar school said they couldn’t help me graduate on time, I knew I needed an alternative that would meet my needs.

In my senior year, I found online school with Maine Virtual Academy. At the time, I didn’t realize how much of an impact that decision would make. When I first enrolled, I was shy and rarely participated, but my teachers spent a lot of time working with me to overcome my fears. This helped me find the confidence I needed to succeed.

For those seeking alternatives this year, I recommend looking into online school. Many students deal with health concerns, bullying and social pressures that ultimately hold them back from excelling in school. You shouldn’t be forced to deal with these hurdles in a place that’s supposed to help you grow. Online school provides a solution.

With COVID-19’s lasting effect on communities across the United States, online schools are worth looking into. It’s an option that works safely from your home, and you aren’t left behind.

Makayla Kwasniak

To learn more about Maine Virtual Academy, visit https://meva.k12.com/

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