Letter to the Editor: Supports choice for online school

Originally published by Sunnyside Sun – October 14, 2020

The traditional brick and mortar classroom doesn’t meet every student’s needs. It’s impossible for one style of education to accomplish that. It’s time we stop forcing students to conform to a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to school. That’s why we need to give everyone a choice when it comes to their education.

Students come from different backgrounds, learning styles, and interests which influences how they learn. I was particularly interested in dance but sitting in a classroom for hours each day didn’t allow me to pursue my passion.

That’s why I decided to attend high school online through Washington Virtual Academy.

Online school gave me time to focus on dance with the freedom to control my academic schedule. Being empowered to choose how I wanted to live my life strengthened my work ethic in classes and allowed me to succeed.

Everyone is unique and we all go about life differently. So why should we treat school any different? Let’s make sure everyone has the ability to choose a school that works for them and meets their needs. It’s essential to protect it now, during these unprecedented times, and in the future so everyone can discover their path to success.

Eilisanne Smith, Spokane

To learn more about Washington Virtual Academy, visit https://wava.k12.com/

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