Letter: Virtual education works for us

Originally published in Elko Daily Free Press – February 19, 2020


Five years ago, my family moved to the United States from Germany. When we moved, my son had the challenge of taking classes in a new language and trying to learn with a diagnosed mental health condition. Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions about mental health. Finding a school that was willing to work with us to help my son succeed wasn’t easy.

Thankfully, we have school choices available to us in Nevada, so I was able to enroll my son in a blended public school where he takes classes online and in-person. Unlike in a traditional school, the online classes at Nevada Virtual Academy are recorded, so I don’t have to worry about my son falling behind if he’s unable to attend class because of his health. His teachers don’t question why he missed class. Rather, they are supportive and understanding.

My son is now a senior in high school and plans to earn a degree in social and behavioral science and have a career in the mental healthcare field. When he enters the workforce, nearly every job will expect him to participate in web conferencing calls, communicate online through email or chat boxes, and collaborate virtually with team members on projects. Thanks to online learning, my son already has real world training in these areas!

I understand that online school may not work for every family. But for my son and thousands of other students experiencing health issues, this learning environment is their best option for success.

Todd Kobrin

Las Vegas

To learn more about Nevada Virtual Academy, visit https://nvva.k12.com/

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