Letters to the editor on virtual schooling

Originally published in The Wichita Eagle – Sept. 8, 2019

We enrolled our son Skyler in Kansas Virtual Academy (KSVA) to get the best education possible. Skyler is a motocross racer, traveling and competing for the majority of the year. He races two weekends each month during the school year and more often during the summer. He’s competed nationally and trains hard to return to the National Championship each year.

Skyler was missing school due to his motocross travel and needed to make a new choice for his academic success. KSVA offers Skyler challenging curriculum, live class connects with a teacher and peers throughout the state, interactive lessons, and boxes filled with resources delivered right to our doorstep. KSVA has provided everything we need to partner with teachers as Skyler’s learning coach.

Skyler used to be pretty shy in the brick-and-mortar setting. His virtual teachers have been able to bring him out of his shell, offering him safe ways to participate, build his confidence, and take advantage of the interactivity online school provides. Skyler has made significant improvements increasing his reading comprehension and fluency and is happier with public school at home. Thank you, KSVA.

Kendra Cox, Wichita

To learn more about Kansas Virtual Academy, visit https://ksva.k12.com/ .

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