Missionary Brings High-Tech Lab to Kenya Slums

Originally published in Charisma – October 2017

AFTER AN eye-opening mission trip, Tamara Carpenter inspired her company, K12, to fund a computer lab in one of Kenya’s poorest slums. Carpenter first traveled to Kenya in June 2015 on a trip with Missions of Hope International. There, she encountered Mathare, a massive Kenyan slum that she estimates houses between 800,000 and 1 million people.

“The need [in Mathare] was very apparent,” Carpenter says. “More than anything, I was really struck by the kindness of the people. I was struck by their faith, their love of the Lord and one another as brother and sister.” While there, she visited a Mathare boarding school that wanted to build more computer labs. They had one, but it could only serve 200 kids, and over 15,000 students attend this school.

When she got home, Carpenter asked K12’s then-CEO Nathaniel A. Davis, “Is there anything K12 can do?” Shortly after, a K12 affiliate foundation, the Foundation for Blended and Online Learning, made a $5,000 grant to Missions of Hope to purchase computers for the lab. Carpenter says staff at K12 helped develop the specs for the new computer lab. The company donated its year-end overstock, providing the school with everything from books and pencils to markers and cotton balls.

“Oftentimes there’s more than one reason why God has us at a particular place, in a particular profession or career,” Carpenter says. “My day job, what I do every day, is driven by my faith, but [I was also] able to utilize my contacts and skills and resources to do work internationally with people who are really in need.”

To learn more, visit cmfi.org.

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