Online Learning at Alabama Virtual Academy

Originally aired on WAFF-TV Huntsville – August 9, 2018

Online learning is a way for families to have another option in education. Alabama Virtual Academy (ALVA) is a free public schooling opportunity for students in grades K-12.

Many students choose online learning because they are bullied, have severe anxiety, medical problems, need more time for athletic training or are accelerated learners. Every month the students have get-togethers or field trips so they can see their teachers and other kids in their class.

Alabama Virtual Academy Head of school Kayleen Marble says, “At ALVA, we not only have the live class connects where the students are interacting with the teacher but with other students that are very engaging. it’s not like a lecture where the teacher is talking to the students. There is a lot of activity within the lesson and there are even small groups within that where students can do projects with each other.”

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