Online School Drove Success

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Originally posted in the Daily Reflector — January 6, 2019

My son, Jalen, enrolled at North Carolina Virtual Academy due to anxiety issues that seem so typical for teens. He had some developmental delays in early elementary school, setting the stage for academic challenges. We looked for options beyond the traditional brick and mortar classroom after Jalen was bullied at his local high school.

Jalen has thrived at NCVA, excelled academically, mastered his lessons, overloaded his schedule and will graduate a semester early! Jalen received a lot of encouragement from teachers and local members of his church. In fact, Pastor Apostle Emma Speaker Dickens from Kingdom Empowerment Ministries Inc., supported Jalen with faith-based counseling to help him remain focused on his goals. Jalen made time to pursue Karate and built his confidence. Jalen no longer worries about bullying; he’s planning to enter the Marine Corps upon graduation.

Jalen never would’ve experienced this kind of success in another setting. Online school has been a game changer for him! We want North Carolina to protect school choice for every student and family in the state.

Pamela Barkley

Oak City

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