Online school still provides a good education

Originally published in The News-Review – August 16, 2020

School as we know it has changed. But this isn’t something we should fear. It’s time we embrace the future of education.

Online learning works and is nothing new. Take it from me, an online school alumnus who graduated from Oregon Virtual Academy. Online learning helped me reach of many of my goals that would’ve otherwise been a stretch.

Throughout high school, I worked multiple jobs to save for college, while having the ability to attend extracurriculars like mock trial, string orchestra, Miss America pageants and raising guide dogs for the blind. I had more experiences and opportunities compared to many of my peers, all while getting a quality education.

When I reached college, I was prepared to own my education because I knew how to manage my time, stay organized, and communicate with my professors. I received my degree in industrial engineering with very little debt at Oregon State University and started my career as an industrial engineer for the U.S. Navy at the age of 22.

Traditional school might be changing, but online learning still works. Be open to what it can provide; you never know the doors it can open.

Laura Marchi


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