Online teacher creates after-school program to helps students, parents with math

Originally aired on WOLF-TV – December 2, 2019

Online schools are becoming more popular around the country.

Since students need more help at home – they can struggle with certain concepts.

That’s why one online teacher in PA created a nightly program for her students and parents, to strengthen their math skills and gain more confidence.

Nicole Manley spends most of her day online, interacting with her students. She’s a math interventionist at the Insight Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School.

Manley says teaching online is just as effective as in a classroom, especially for students with health issues, those who travel or even those struggling with bullying.

She created Math Nights with Mrs. Manley., when students and parents could hop online and get more interactive help.

While students can video chat, they can also just type in a chat if they’re more comfortable and Manley says that ‘ah-hah’ moment will always make her feel like it’s all worth it.

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